Hey, it’s music night!

Alice Cooper, School’s Out

Well, it’s out until Monday, when summer session starts.Β  πŸ˜€

Copy & paste the address of your favorite YouTube music in the comments section, and we’ll all enjoy it!

“We got no class, and we got no princip[les]…”

26 thoughts on “Hey, it’s music night!

  1. The Coop!!!

    Now that’s class. Talkin’ ’bout a musical iconic hero of mine since my youth. And with the ‘Alice Cooper Band’.

    Ummmm… at the risk of sounding less than bright…. how do I copy video to post (is it the ‘copy with html’ thingy)?

    • Cagey, it’s the address at the top of the page. Copy & paste here, and the video should come up after you hit submit.

      No worries about sounding less than bright, I only learned the sun doesn’t revolve around the earth this morning — from a troll on TP. πŸ˜‰

  2. My daughter will never play like that, she has a think about practicing, or not practicing as the case may be. But she sings all day long.

  3. well… thought I’d pop in an add one more (not the one I was going to add this morning, but there were a couple of cuss wirds at the intro to the one I wanted to post this morn, and I don’t know if that is site appropriate).

    Great video.

  4. Okey dokey. Loves me some Gen of the Genitorturers. :p This is certainly their most “rock and roll” song. The rest is metal/techno-ish (kind of like a lot of the later Rob Zombie stuff). Many of their shows are adult only. πŸ™‚

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