Shoulda had impeachment on the table, huh?

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5 thoughts on “Shoulda had impeachment on the table, huh?

  1. Pelosi has become the story, resign and take no-stones Harry with you “Need 60 votes to pass this bill” – my sacred aunt.

  2. I think Rove and Cheney have succeeded at taking the focus off themselves for the time being. I still believe that Bush & Cheney should be the first two prosecuted for lying about torture and allowing the CIA to carryout the orders.

  3. Terry, I agree with you entirely.

    Not that I necessarily think Pelosi is lying in what she has said so far about the briefings, but, as someone pointed out tonight (I can’t remember if it was someone on Countdown or on Rachel’s show), even if ‘waterboarding’ in particular wasn’t discussed during the briefings, ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ WERE. Despite the ‘assurance’ that these ‘techniques’ had been okayed by Bush’s Justice Department or whoever, everyone in those briefings either knew or had to suspect that these ‘techniques’ were illegal. There’s no excuse for not speaking out immediately. And I will never forgive Pelosi for her no-impeachment table.

  4. Alternate reality…Pelosi decides that, in the best interest of the country and her party, steps down as Speaker and backs Dennis Kucinich as her replacement. Then Harry Reid, in solidarity, steps down and supports Russ Feingold as his replacement.

    This would cause an enormous boost for companies like ServPro who would have to clean up the mess of Republican head explosions.

    Now, back to reality…sigh.

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