“Prolonged Detention” — WTF?

In the middle of an otherwise excellent speech, President Obama dropped this bomb:  Prolonged detention.

I guess there are bad guys at Gitmo whose cases have been so badly botched, that a criminal trial is impossible.  How we know these prisoners really are bad guys, I don’t know.  They have never been charged, tried, or adjudicated as ANYTHING, let alone terrorists.  But President Obama wants to set up a legal framework to make it all okay to keep certain detainees locked up indefinitely.

Imagine that.  America:  The land of the free, the home of the brave.  Now, we’re not only the country who tortures, we’re also the country who will lock up suspected terrorists FOREVER — because we just don’t know what else to do with some of the prisoners at Gitmo.

I am just stunned.  There is no way “prolonged detention” is justified.

What the hell is going on here…?


4 thoughts on ““Prolonged Detention” — WTF?

  1. I really don’t know what to say to this. I thought we put this sort of thing behind us.

    Is there an Iron Hand inside Obama’s Velvet Glove?

  2. It is amazingly hard to accept that a Constitutional lawyer, a man who spent the greater part of his speech talking about values and rule of law would seriously say this crap.

    And the part about building a legal regime, isn’t he paying any attention to what happened the last time the executive branch decided it could rewrite the Constitution?

    Sounds like their is going to be a new animated flic soon…Skru Yu Pander.

  3. It has been and always will be politics first for anyone in power. Until I actually see a politician doing what he says, I am doubtful of their words. It’s sad that we have to assume someone is lying to get elected and can only hope for the best from them. Hope isn’t tangible thing, so it only goes so far and usually leaves one feeling jaded afterwards.

  4. I’m not shocked, just sad that my nightmares are coming true quicker than I thought they would….Blessings, we still need them.

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