Do You Want That Hamburger With Or Without Ketchup?

With the Summer picnic time “officially” beginning this weekend, I thought it would be an opportune time to get some statistics on what people put on their hamburgers.

Remember the uproar when President Obama requested “spicy mustard or Dijon” on his cheeseburger? With all the knickers getting knotted and bunched, you would think that he had invaded a sovereign nation or perhaps shredded the US Constitution or ordered “enhanced interrogations” like waterboarding.

Here’s the poll…

My preference below the fold…

I prefer my hamburgers medium done with cheddar cheese and spicy mustard along with a slice of tomato if it is in season.Β  A roll is optional.

38 thoughts on “Do You Want That Hamburger With Or Without Ketchup?

  1. Is there anything more boring in flavor than a hamburger? Ok, maybe a hot dog.

    A little ketchup, some tasty mustard, a slice of Vidalia onion, a slice of beefsteak tomato. Maybe a slice of poblano pepper and a hint of horseradish? Just for fun.

    Or maybe a touch of Thousand Island dressing with some shredded lettuce?

    A nice grilled Portabello mushroom slice?

    Shoot me, I live in Wisconsin but I am not a big cheese fan. Maybe a little Swiss or Colby?

  2. You must be making your hamburgers wrong, Med. I don’t make them often, because meat is expensive, but my hamburgers are yummy.

    Spicy mustard, a thick slice of yellow onion, and a slice of cheddar cheese melted on top. Yum!

    Ketchup is the debbil.

  3. Hah. Store bought ketchup is boring. I make my own with an old recipe. If it is the debbil then only because it brings fire to your eyes.

    I may just have to post the recipe on my site but I warn you, it won’t be for the faint of heart.


  4. I’ll check out your recipe medjhiesco. If it’s spicy then it will really be good on breakfast sausage or crispy scrapple. I grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch land so scrapple was a staple. The Pennsylvania Germans didn’t waste any part of the pig except maybe the oink. I have to respect that.

  5. Cats, this ketchup has as much zing as you want to put in it. The black pepper starts things off and you can get as creative as you want after that.

  6. And if you haven’t checked, thanks very much for the guest post. And the effort you put into making it look nice.

  7. I go with a thin layer of anchovy paste and some crumbled blue cheese. Then, I also savor scrapple whenever I am in Amish country.

  8. Well, first you start with a small, carefully arranged pile of hickory kindling over some wadded newspaper, and you use a piece of the newspaper to light it, with an old Zippo cigerette lighter. Then, when the kindling is crackling, you begin to add charcoal briquettes a few at a time, until you have a nice bed of coals to begin cooking. Then you strategically place about a dozen dried hickory nut hulls in amongst the coals, and place the grill over them.
    While this is all taking place, in the kitchen, fresh ground chuck is being formed into patties of about 1/3 pounds each. Once they’ve spent the appropriate amount of time over the coals and now smoking hickory hulls, as Jane says above, you won’t want to put anything on them at all.

  9. Thick slice of vidalia or maui onion, Helman’s, cooper cheese, a slice brandywine tomato, and a piece of romaine wasn’t offered as an option

  10. they drown theys burgers in mayonnaise up in the NW, I kid you not… & save their ketchup for HOT DOGS… yecccchhhhhh….

    & the so-called “pizza” — don’t get me started

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