Jon Stewart compares yesterday’s dueling speeches

Jon Stewart takes a look at the “National Security” speeches given yesterday by President Obama and the ‘Dick’ Cheney.

It just amazed me how many times Cheney said ‘9/11’, and how he STILL throws it out there as a sign of success that we weren’t hit again after 9/11… We WERE hit on 9//11 – on THEIR watch, and after they ignored all the warnings! As Jon Stewart says:

“Isn’t it incredible how success is defined by the one thing you succeeded at..? By your metric, Clinton was successful after the ’93 World Trade Center bombings. In fact, you could make anything that way.. I have a 100% successful marriage, in that my philandering was never followed by physical violence..”

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I have to say.. The comparison of Obama’s speech, and excerpts of GW’s speeches was more than a little unnerving..


One thought on “Jon Stewart compares yesterday’s dueling speeches

  1. Cheney: We haven’t had an attack since 9/11

    (P.S. I was in charge of NORAD on 9/11)

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