Keith’s “WTF!?! Moment”

Keith Olbermann goes after the right wing’s latest conspiracy theory that Democrats are out to destroy Republican car dealerships.

Honestly.. Where do the wingnuts come up with this stuff..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 thoughts on “Keith’s “WTF!?! Moment”

  1. There are a few points Keith missed here. He caught the bit about 88-92% of dealership owners being Republican contributors which would mean that even if Chrysler closed all of the Democratic contributor dealerships in their decision to close 25% of the dealerships, the Republicans would still have more closed. The 10% of Dem contributors would still leave 15% for the Repubs.

    But what is being missed is why certain dealerships are being targeted. Many are multiple brand dealerships (like the Congressman in Florida whose site handles both Chrysler and Nissan, a direct competitor) and others are dealerships where Chrysler doesn’t own the physical location.

    If a dealer is leasing the building from Chrysler, the company makes more money. If they own their own buildings, not so much.

    I’m hoping Keith or somebody actually does some research into the business aspects of why dealerships are being closed.

  2. Dealerships seldom directly cost the carmaker money, merely by existing, as they are independent franchises. The reason the dealerships are being closed, is to increase the units-per-dealership sales, so each outlet can run profitably with a smaller per-unit profit, leaving a larger profit for the maker. They intend to squeeze remaining dealerships for more money.

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