May 29th Open Thread – This is Rush Hour?

An oxymoron if there ever was one. George Carlin got it right when he mused: “Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?”

It’s Friday, and the weekend is but a night away.

Savor your workday through its final moments. You can always look forward to Monday when the cycle repeats.

In the meantime, your can comment here and in the threads that follow.

25 thoughts on “May 29th Open Thread – This is Rush Hour?

  1. My work week ended yesterday. I’m off today and go back to work Monday. I have to try again to get my “new” (-ly acquired) car registered and I have to renew my driver’s license which expires in a couple of weeks. (But not for a reason that is in any way significant.) I’ll have to shave before I get my new picture taken. I hate shaving. I hate having hair on my face, too, but I hate shaving even more.

    It’s going to be raining all day, so I can’t mow the lawn until tomorrow. But I might be able to put my brother to work replacing our kitchen faucets, so he doesn’t have to feel guilty about living off of me and not being able to pay me anything. As far as I’m concerned, if he’s still alive, he’s paying me back enough.

  2. I’m one of those lucky scuts who does about 60% of their work out of a home office. That means my longest ‘drive’ is to the kitchen for a coffee refill. (I’ve considered moving the coffee pot into my office but I need the exercise 🙂 )

    The other 40% of the time I am all over the state. Even then, I’m lucky because Wisconsin only has traffic problems in the SE corner and somewhat in the Fox Valley. Two places I seldom visit.

  3. I’m headed to work about 2:00pm with a 10 minute commute (if you can call that a commute), but I’ll be back in by 11. I was off tonight for one day, then Wednesday evening they changed their mind and asked for volunteers for overtime. Lucky me. I have to work 40 hours before they finally start paying me what I’m worth! 🙂

    Wayne, I’ve been waiting for the rain to stop for 10 days, so I could mow my yard. My brother solved his employment worries by marrying his boss’s daughter.

    Med, I was self employed when I had my car shop in the ’90s. I worked all the time, and felt guilty any time I wasn’t there, because of the hourly rate I wasn’t getting. I applied what I made to every activity to determine its value to me. I prefer leaving the job and not taking it home with me.

  4. HoR, I know what you mean about the self-employed thing. I tried it and you are right. Me, I am employed by a small business, sort of a mom and pop operation with limited office space in a town about 35 miles away. The boss realized it was cheaper for both of us if I set up my own office at home than for him to try and find office space for me.

    I’ve been with the company for 8 years now and their main expense has been a phone line and an internet connection. For me, I don’t have to do a 70 mile commute every day just so I can sit at a desk there instead of here.

  5. I too work most of my time in my home office. I had an actual office in a spare bedroom back when I only had a desktop. Now I use the dining room table with a notebook. Much brighter out here and I can have some sports on as background noise (French open on now, golf later on). I want to build an add-on porch out the back so I can work outside when it is warm out like today.

    When I go into the office I have a 10 to 15 minute commute so even if I need to go in for an emergency it’s very quick. These days though, I can log right into the network and do pretty much everything from home.

    When I am at the office there is far too much wasted time yakking and yakking about nothing in particular. The people are great but I don’t socialize with any of them. At home I take breaks by surfing a little and taking the dogs for walks.

    All in all I have it made in the shade. 🙂

  6. Coincidentally I watched Taken for a Ride the other night which explains how GM (assisted by Big Oil etc) dismantled the much loved trolley car public transportation systems and replaced them with inefficient and heavily polluting buses and THEN reduced their own bus services to sell more cars.
    (and how they wrote the legislation that created the National Highway system–sold as as a “national security” project!).
    The documentary also illustrates how the GI-bill inadvertently worked to GM’s advantage by creating the urban sprawl that increased demand for cars and highways and thus in combination created inner city rot.

    • I miss the cartoons they used to show before movies. These days, the ‘toons would be better than the movies — a consolation prize of sorts.

  7. oh, how about some tough/worst commutes?
    One of my worst was having to travel from New Jersey into Manhattan to get to my job, IN New Jersey!
    Walk 8 short blocks, catch PATH train 33rd, walk 11 city blocks to 42nd bust station, catch the ONLY bus (7 am) that went direct to the corporate HQ in New New Jersey. If I missed that bus, the only other bus took me to the nearest town, 4 miles from work so I’d walk that too ( there were NO taxis).

    I also worked on a project where I’d fly out to work on Sunday, fly again on Wednesday and then fly home on Friday night (arriving early am on Saturday).
    It wasn’t the flying that was bad; it was all the work and schlepping around I had to do during and in between. .

  8. Zooey..ah yes Roger Rabbit. Brilliant. That movie was actually subversive!

    In my day at the cinema we’d get a Looney Tunes cartoon, a serial (Flash Gordon usually) and TWO features!
    And there were usherettes to sell candy and ‘choc-ices’ !

  9. med…”5th, try a commute to Singapore”

    First Class on an A 380? Sure! D

    Have you done that? I can’t imagine how ghastly that trek would be in economy!

    My father managed BOAC/BA operations for half the world and had to take a lot of trips. A typical itinerary might be Beirut, Bombay, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, New Delhi. Tehran, Dubai and back to the UK in two weeks.
    After those trips he’s sleep for about 16 hours straight.
    When he had to go to Fiji he’d usually come back via the US. He’d go through one ten-year passport pretty much every year.


  10. Zooey…. LOL! The usherette would appear at the bottom at the front of the auditorium and all the the kids would sit way bak, so they’d go charging en masse down the incline as soon as the girl turned on her tray light! Poor dear!

  11. 5th, I spent 6 weeks in Singapore in 1981, the last two because a decent public servant acknowledged I really hadn’t deliberately over stayed my visa.

  12. My bid for Friday night music. Dedicated to President Obama:

    “Won’t Get Fooled Again” – the Who

    “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” – Pete Townshend

    • Wayne, my favorite too. I taped it that day and watched it over and over again just because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.. I thought Tucker was going to really lose it.. (And he did!)

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