Open Thread May 30th – Plant a Garden this Weekend

After all, a critter has to eat.

This is an open thread and you can comment here on any subject. Also feel free to offer comments in any of the threads that may open during the day.

9 thoughts on “Open Thread May 30th – Plant a Garden this Weekend

  1. It is a beautiful sunny day so the lawn has been mowed and I’m going to be reseeding the bare spots. I also picked up one of those jugs of wildflower/prairie seed mixes to bolster the borders where I hate to mow. Got some perennial herb seeds to mix in as well.

    The back lawn is about 20% Creeping Charlie now. I know most people don’t like it but it is a hardy ground cover, looks nice and doesn’t require mowing.

  2. I watched ‘The Wind and the Lion’ last night on TCM. It came out in 1975 with Sean Connery, Candice Bergen, Brian Keith and John Huston. I remember I liked it when it first came out but I haven’t seen it since.

    It was eerie watching it. Brian Keith as Teddy Roosevelt was excellent and the portrayal of American exceptionalism in the political thought of the period was well done. It echoed the Bush Administration to the point where I wonder what Teddy would have done if he had a Dick Cheney.

  3. For what it is worth, Susan Boyle came in second. Now we can get back to serious matters, like Jon and Kate.

  4. med…popping off to the shops, back in a few minutes to opine about the Wind and the Lion. 😀 (I love TCM!).

  5. Wind and the Lion.
    Brian Keith did a nice job with a an interesting script for his character (fun but serious too)..
    Candice Bergen was adequate (but then she never pretended to be a serious actor anyway).

    And Sean Connery was Sean Connery as Sean Connery in his portrayal of Sean Connery being Sean Connery as an Arab Sean Connery who had studied at Sean Connery School his whole life!. 😀

    I honestly think the best ( and only ) actual acting SC has ever done has been in Indiana Jones and, amazingly James Bond.
    Oh and he was pretty subtle in Red October, but with everyone else being ‘Russian-accented’ he was still Ssshawn Conner-ey on a Russshian shubmarine, dealing with sshpies and sshabotage!
    It made no sshense! 😀

  6. 5th, all probably true but he is good for an interesting movie. Usually. And his voice is easy to mimic.

    What intrigued me about W&L was the military attitudes about invading Morocco.

  7. med….
    yes; the interesting thing about the movie (for me) are the national attitudes expressed in the dialog, not the characters themselves so much.

    It’s the contexts provided by the script that is the the reason to watch it, more than the actors or basic plot. .

  8. roket,

    I call that tragi-comic.
    Betty Ford is the clinic of the Stars,. isn’t it?
    Seems a bit high-falutin and “Hollywood” for someone like Sullivan.

    It;s also tragi-comic that Oklahoma just doesn’t register on my New Jersey based political radar at all. Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, all those “Real America” states but Oklahama? Not so much.

    And I know Oklahoma does have some liberals in it, and I feel really bad for them.

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