A little Bob Seger

Turn The Page

Wait For Me

Old Time Rock and Roll  (Close your eyes if you don’t want to see Tom Cruise in his underwear..)

Still the Same


16 thoughts on “A little Bob Seger

  1. Your title is a couple decades earlier than your vids there ‘Muse!

  2. My sound card appears to have just crapped-out (after 4 years of service) so I’m just going to have make all the noises myself for the time being. .

  3. I’d have seen that earlier, Nwmuse, but I was watching Moyers. He was excellent as usual.

  4. I would like to hear some Pete Seeger if someone would post it.

    5th, perhaps someone could post YMCA or any other “action” song to help you in your situation?

  5. Good picks Lady Muse..I like Seger almost as much as CCR….Thank You….P.B. & J

  6. Back at ya houseofroberts…..Not high yet but working on it..LOL..Happy posting all…Blessings

  7. CCR, came to them late, likes me some John Fogerty.

    Come on put some CCR up there:

    • Hello Terry.. They are fighting.. Get your head out of the gutter.. 😉

      Although.. Now that I look at them again, there do seem to be some sparks flying…

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