Kucinich Opposes The Army’s “Virtual Reality” Video Game

Dennis J. Kucinich, Democratic Congressman for Ohio’s 10th District, seeks to eliminate federal money used to support a virtual reality warfare game used by the United States Army to lure in new recruits.

The Army’s traveling virtual reality experience which glorifies killing; costs an estimated $9.8 million to run.

Six fully-armed military vehicles, 70 flat screen displays, 50 players. It’s 19,500 square feet of video game firepower, and the Army has aimed this beast directly at America’s youth. The Virtual Army Experience represents one of the latest examples of how the military has embraced video games both as a training, and especially, a recruitment tool. The traveling Virtual Army Experience allows recruitable teens to run through a simulated mission to deliver supplies to aid workers in a fictional city. It also lets them wield laser guns and show off their driving skills against virtual opponents.

Under the fold is a video that shows the Army’s VAE (Virtual Army Experience).  After watching the video, I can completely understand why he opposes this propaganda so much.

The first video is by CSPANJUNKIEdotorg.

10 thoughts on “Kucinich Opposes The Army’s “Virtual Reality” Video Game

  1. Grrrrrr, this is sick. It goes beyond recruiting and decency by selling ‘war’ as a game.

    As Popeye says, that’s I can stands, I can’t stands no more.

  2. too true, muse. The MI folk have been at it for about 50 years now. They are just getting more blatant and obvious these days.

    Sex is bad, violence is acceptable.

  3. So the mission is to eliminate genocidal forces to enbale humanitarian aid to be delivered?

    Okay , when has the US ever done that?
    Not in Bosnia.
    Rwanda? Nope
    Sudan? Nope

    What about non-genocidal conflicts?
    Lebanon 2006? The Israelis were given MORE US weapons.
    Gaza 2009? The US supported Israel for a month and only later did they provide any aid to the Gazans.
    Iran-Iraq war? The US gave Iraq chemical weapons.
    Gulf War? The US watched as southern Shia were massacred.
    Vietnam? There was no humanitarian effort there, and when the Vietnamese were poisoned by US chemical weapons, the US refused to pay compensation.

    How about natural disasters?
    US military stepped-up to the Indonesian tsunami, so well done there.
    Katrina? Humanitarian aid was provided by Federal agencies and private companies and citizens—the US military had its hands full in Iraq.

    Humanitarian aid in Iraq? When they first got there the US was SELLING bittled water to the locals, whilst the British just gave it away.
    Has the US done anything for the Iraqi refugees?
    Individual soldiers handing out candies and toys is NOT humanitarian aid.
    Medics have treated some Iraqis but that doesn’t qualify either.
    Afghanistan? The humanitarian ‘crisis’ there is really the number of ordinary locals who keep getting killed due to crap intelligence and heavy handed air-strikes.

    So the entire premise of this virtual reality sales pitch is bullshit.

  4. Again, what a great man. Oh how I wish he had been the man our country picked. You can feel his sincerity every time he speaks. You know where he stands and isn’t afraid to hedge his bets with flowery words that could mean anything. An “honest politician”. I thought they were all bought out years ago. Glad I was wrong. =)

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