Weekend Open Thread – The Colours of Infinity

This is an amazing set of videos. It is, in the simplest terms, a demonstration of Infinity itself. Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, takes us on a tour of the Mandelbrot Set (M-Set). It is represented as a graph of a simple mathematical equation, yet it contains the most amazing images.

As you load the YouTube videos, note that you can enlarge the image to the full size of your screen. I highly recommend that you view these videos this way. Also, you’ll want to grab your favorite snacks and drinks. And do you like Pink Floyd? They are the soundtrack to one of the most amazing visual journies you will ever take. It…is…Infinity. And it…is…beautiful.

But you are also free to talk about anything else you want. This is a Weekend Open Thread at TheZoo. Thanks for stopping by.

Part 1 of 6. Each is around nine minutes.

Part 2 of 6.

Part 3 of 6.

Part 4 of 6.

Part 5 of 6.

Part 6 of 6. I hope you’ve enjoyed them, and I hope you learned something, too.

241 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread – The Colours of Infinity

  1. As Krusty The Klown Sez:

    “I heartily endorse this product and/or event.”

    Seriously, for a non-math-geek like me, it was still pretty fascinating, and easy enough to understand. And the psychedelic kaliedoscopic (sp?) images, with or without the accompanying music, are mesmerizing and literally wonderful.

  2. Glad you came by, wiley–I couldn’t stand scrolling past The Great GOBspit’s crap.

    This sort of trolljacking a thread is what drove us to start up this place. It’s definitely a safe haven away from the trolls.

  3. Zooey, just put on any Pink Floyd album with long instrumentals. “Wish You Were Here” was used a lot. Sorry you can’t hear the wnderful explanation of what you’re seeing. It’s very fascinating in its implications. Not in any kind of End-of-the-World way (thank FSM, as you like to say), just something to make Mr. Spock’s eyebrow rise. πŸ™‚

  4. No sound at all? No headphones even? Rats. Did it crap out just for music night? I would recommend the ceremonial sacrifice of an electronic gadget that you have but never use—this is a perfect moon for it.

    That’s why my wonderful friend always takes care of my tech stuff. Want his number? He’ll probably deny that he knows me, or pretend that he doesn’t speak English, but you can give it a shot.

    Does music night always crash so early? I’m on the West Coast, and I’m a night person, so this is like late afternoon to me.

    • wiley,

      I’m at my son’s place in Portland this weekend. Normally he has headphones near the computer, but I can’t find them. It looks like he cleaned up…how unusual. πŸ˜€

      I’ll be home Sunday or Monday and will watch and listen then.

      Where on the West Coast, if you don’t mind saying?

  5. The Mandelbrot set describes what engineers call positive feedback. Positive feedback is what happens when an open mike picks up from speakers in an auditorium. In that case, the experience is limited by the bandwidth of the amplifier or microphone. The actual tone is also determined by the acoustics of the hall.
    Mandelbrot’s contribution was applying the term to visual experiences which are far less restricted.

  6. Hey there, math-stoners!

    In case you hadn’t heard, the US Men’s Soccer Team beat European Champions Spain 2-0 this Wednesday which is a big deal on its own, but this Sunday they will be Brazil in the FIFA Confederations Cup FINAL.

    As established ‘America-haters’ I trust you will all join Gary Schmitt of the PNAC and AEI in wishing that the US team loses on Sunday, –for Freedom and Apple Pie!


  7. This looks like a collection that would be great to have on DVD. It would be awesome on a big screen with a good sound system.

  8. I’m seeing on CNN that a judge has ordered the seizing of $170 Billion in assets from Bernie Madoff. I hope that’s not a typo.

    Ruth Madoff To Keep $2.5 Million

    “In an agreement with U.S. prosecutors approved by U.S. District Judge Denny Chin on Friday night, Bernard Madoff forfeited all rights to assets totaling $170 billion, the amount prosecutors said flowed through the principal account of his decades-long fraud.”

    White collar crime needs to cost the perpetrators at least ten times what they steal, then put them in real prisons like everybody else. Maybe the duped investors won’t lose as bad as it first appeared.

  9. I guess it’s a form of plea bargain, for her to sign over everything else, without a protracted court battle. Makes it easy on the DoJ to not have to do it the hard way.

    • I can see their reasoning, since it would probably cost more than 2.5 million to wrench away all the money, but it gripes my ass to see either of them walk away with anything. She clearly enjoyed the fruits of his scheme while it was going on.

  10. It says in the article that she could be sued in civil court, so she could still lose more. She probably has other assets stashed somewhere, however, unless the DoJ was able to track those and get them too. She may not have known all that money was stolen, she could have just thought it was meant to be, because her husband, in her eyes, was a smart man.

  11. I agree, Zooey. When a family is forced into bankruptcy to pay medical bills I don’t hear anyone saying the spouse gets to keep anything. And they aren’t even doing anything illegal.

  12. With the black mark on their credit record for 7 long years. All because someone is charging them outrageous fees so they can make a profit.

    And Ponzi Madoff, who was defrauding people, gets to keep $250 million.

    Get sick, lose everything.

    Be a crook, stay rich.

    Is there a moral bankruptcy court?

  13. Republicans are really an interesting group these days. They are the first to grab onto any passing event that can invoke emotion yet they only understand that the emotional content is important, not what it means. They try so bleeding hard to invoke emotion, just for the sake of it, and haven’t a clue as to why.

    The riots in Iran, the death of MJ, things that raise responses from normal people are just tools for them to manipulate. Even Gov Sanford’s little adventure, his little escapade into real emotion, is used to supposedly demonstrate that they are human, with human failings.

    It is like they all bought Yugos and have no comprehension as to why everybody else didn’t.

  14. Just watched bits and pieces of a PBS program called “The Music Instinct: Science and Song” — I highly, highly recommend it for everyone if you can catch it another time. The parts I saw ranged from musical commonalities and distinctions among Western, Eastern, Middle Eastern and other cultures, etal, to studies of fetal, infant, and young children’s recognition of and reaction to music, to studies of birdsong and whale song, on and on. Well worth the 2 hours (I believe.)
    Plus it’s got Bobby McFerrin (sp?).

  15. I have learned something from my new washing machine.

    It is like Faux. First it spins one way, then it spins the other, squirts in a little water to make it all wet then gets down to agitation.

    Then it just sits and spins.

    The big difference is I get clean clothes when the washer is done.

  16. “This looks like a collection that would be great to have on DVD. ”

    Med, when I googled Colours of Infinity, one of the links that came up offered the book with the ‘bonus’ DVD. There are a couple of other places that came up that sold one or the other. When I just googled it again, this thread came up as about the 7th or 8th result. πŸ˜€

    We’ve had this on VHS for a long time–looks like Wayne and I can upgrade to the DVD now.

  17. Thanks, Jane, I’ll check it out. This is something worth supporting. Not that I would consider pirating it. πŸ™‚

  18. Makes me remember fondly the days when a tiny tab of windowpane was not an irresponsible way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon.

    Did I mention I went to UC Berkeley?

  19. Shhh, spencersmom. You are supposed to say you heard rumors of such things happening. Big brother may be watching.

    Is there a statute of limitations on flashbacks?

  20. Personally, I think a little windowpane in the kool aid would be an interesting thing. If nothing else it would provide an excuse for Congress.

  21. I fondly remember the days when it wasn’t 94 outside with a heat index of 99, but wanting to add that third digit!

    However, the wood fence in my backyard shoots at 98 with my trusty Raytek Raynger infrared thermometer.

  22. That is, assuming you are wearing them.

    Our heat broke Thursday and we are back to normal here. Welcome news to one who is half polar bear.

  23. I always enjoy the northern folk who get transferred down here in winter, going about in t-shirts in January and February. Then I wait and watch them dissolving in July and August.

    • Dissolving, hell! You can’t even breathe in July and August!

      I love the dry air of the west. It can be 105 in the day time, but it will get back down to 50 overnight. πŸ™‚

  24. I suffered the last two summers we had the car shop, ’97 and ’98. Then the first machinist job after was in a shop with no AC in’99. I had to learn about core body temperature and what to do to lower it in the heat.

  25. “Did I mention I went to UC Berkeley?”

    spencers mom, did I mention that I went to Berkeley Secretarial School? (Seriously, my mom made me go. I actually had to take “Charm” classes. Yeesh!)

  26. Lol, house. I learned how to lower my core body temperature. Move north.

    And Jane, I do believe Charm classes wouldn’t be a bad addition to modern curriculum. They could just rename them, Learn to Play Nice with Others. Wouldn’t hurt to make it a required course for all students.

  27. Oooh! I had to share! A few weeks ago I got an email from Senator Bernie Sanders saying he was going to use my healthcare story. Well I got a call from Obama’s political action committee and they’re going to have him read it!!!

    P.S. I’m staying away from TP today. What’s with the troll invasion?

  28. kd, congratulations. I hope it has a positive effect. It is looking more and more like we can stand all the help we can get.

  29. Jt, if you froze two cans of beer, and held one in each hand, the cooling of the blood running through your hands would lower your core body temperature. Holding them against the sides of your neck, where the arteries to the brain are located, would cool the blood to the brain, and help also. Then as the beers unfroze, you could drink them and replace them as needed. Nekked is usually not conducive to keeping cool. Naked maybe, but nekked usually causes more heat.

  30. Now you are talking sense. Mook is less than discriminatory about what he swallows.

    I just wish I could use him over on TP to make a point. I’ve been playing with Timmy and I know he would wet his pants if I could introduce him to Mook.

  31. Zep, Eggy left the Zoo over a year ago. He visits now and then, but we haven’t seen him for a long while. -=Z=-

    Por que I wonder

  32. A term coined by Douglas Rushkoff in an episode of PBS’s “Frontline” entitled “The Merchants of Cool.” Mooks are archetypal young males(teens-early 20s) who act like moronic boneheads. They are self centered simpletons who live a drunken frat-boy lifestyle

    Huh, we had a mook for a pretzledint…

  33. He was getting burnt out on politics and wanted to do something else. I just wish he’d visit more! -=Z=-

    Im burnt on politics as well, not that I dont understand them, but getting others to is near impossible…how can I put this, I think its not the politicians who are unable to change, because they will, if the need suits them to retain power and, to me, its the constant bickering, the division, thats what so tiresome.

  34. jt, I named him Mook from the old Irish/Amreican version of the name. It isn’t terribly different from your description.

    GW wasn’t a mook. He knew what he was selling out.

  35. GW wasn’t a mook. He knew what he was selling out.

    Perhaps, but we know that drunken frat boy is part of his demeanor

  36. JT, I would love to see GW wet his pants if he ever met Mook. 130# of German Shepard with a muzzle at crotch level. Pity he hadn’t been around 30 years ago to prevent procreation.

  37. Zooey, if it was your kid who was being detained, for whatever reason, which person resonsible would still have an ass to sit on?

    • If my kid were being detained, I’d want him to be subject to a system where he’s charged or let go, and if he’s charged, then brought to speedy trial. Indefinite detention is abhorrent to me, and to everything our country stands for. There should be no question about what to do with them — if they cannot be charged or tried, then they should be released to their own country. Those are the consequences we face because BushCo decided they were bigger than the Constitution.

      If he were sitting in prison month after month, year after year, without even being charged — whoever is in charge of the country is responsible for that, no matter who started it.

  38. We used to have a cat named Mookie, but that was in honor of Mookie Wilson. Turns out our Mookie was a she. We still have her son, whom we named Preston. Hey, we’re just sick Mets fans. 😦

  39. Indefinite detention without charge is a blatant violation of US law. It ranks right up there with torture.

    Obama knows it and the fact he has repeatedly said he thinks it is necessary says he is no better than the Shrub. Even worse because with his training he knows better.

    GW was and is an idiot who had no clue what he was doing. Obama is a Constitutional lawyer. I could almost forgive an idiot.

  40. I’m just a po boy…how do you spell gualag? Maybe we could just send those nasty criminals to someplace in North Dakota.

  41. “GW was and is an idiot who had no clue what he was doing. Obama is a Constitutional lawyer. I could almost forgive an idiot.”

    Med, I’m in agreement, except for the last sentence. I will never forgive BushCo.

    And Zooey, you’re exactly right. The idea that the values, or ethics (I’m getting sick of people twisting the meaning of the word ‘morals) of our nation as embodied in our Constitution stop at our shores is abhorrent and, quite honestly, insane.

  42. For crimminee sake, the greatest nation on the planet is cowering in fear, sacrificing its basic principles over a handful of people they haven’t been able to charge in over 5 years?

    Let them loose in LA, NY or Chicago. Houston. Just turn them loose. Six months from now they will have either left the country, bought a convenience store or fallen in love with Michelle Bachmann.

  43. Wayne:
    I’m a huge fan of Clarke and have read most of his novels but never saw more than a handful of his TV works.
    What is really cool however, is that watching this video finally explained to me the significance of the software Gordon Way was writing just before he was killed by the Electric Monk.
    As one Douglass Adams fan to another, thank you.

  44. Reminds me of the joke about the fellow, newly wed who took his bride up beside him on the buggy seat and headed for his farm. The mule pulling the wagon was young and feisty and turned away at the first creek crossing. The man smacked the mule and led it across, telling it, “That’s one”.

    They rode on and came to another creek and the mule balked again. The farmer got down, smacked the mule before leading it across. “That’s two.” he told the mule.

    Just a mile out from the farm, there was a creek to cross and the mule stopped. The farmer stepped down and walked up to the mule and shot it dead. He then gathered his bride and they hiked to the farm. As they came into the yard, his bride stumbled. The farmer turned and she began to yell at him that he was an inconsiderate bastard.

    The farmer looked at his bride and said…”That’s one.”

  45. No, Med, don’t get me wrong. It’ll take a lot to get me to forgive Obama if he sticks with this path, as well as a few other issues (DADT, etc.) He’d have to get some other spectacular things accomplished. (sigh) I’m getting tired of this crap.

  46. Hey guys! Med, even though I could never forgive the murdering war criminal for destroying this country….. I can see where you a coming from.
    I used to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt. Now I give him the judgement of certainty. He KNOWS exactly what he is doing! Why is he doing it? Do you think the mantle of emperor has obfuscated his judgement?

  47. Krystal, he made lots of promises. Some of them fairly easy to implement. In the past few months he has made a point of making policy changes at 5pm on Friday. He has avoided direct appeals to him from people who listened to his stand on DADT. I made a request on a post on TP for someone to respond with a single promise he has delivered on that was not in direct line with the Bush Administration policies.

    No one responded.

    I want to believe, I want to think he will make things happen beyond the status quo. I want my country back.

    I’m still waiting.

  48. Hello creatures, this dragonfly has consumed much beer and is in need of some clarification. Can someone tell what in what time zone are the displayed times of posts?

    Thanks in advance, I’m going back to watching fractals and spacing out some more now.

  49. This crap is wearing me out too! We – progressives/liberals – would be wise to start making contingency plans. I learned a lot volunteering for the Obama campaign in a hostile environment. I intend to use this “education” during the next election cycle!

  50. Hey, pachy, you fragile winged pundit! By my computer it is 8:51. But time is a fragile thing. A dollar in a titty bar has as much substance.

  51. I remember when you asked that at TP, med. I guess then I wasn’t ready to admit not only that the Obama administration really, really wasn’t going to be what I had expected and hoped for, but also that it is looking more and more Bush-like than I could ever have believed. And trust me, I didn’t have the “messiah” complex that so many trolls accuse us of. I’m like Wayne, I don’t set my hopes up too much, because they’re almost always dashed.

    I guess that at this point, the rest of my hopes for the Obama administration are dwindling and fading. As I said, I’m getting tired of it all.

    And the effin’ Mets just lost AGAIN to the Yankees. “What a world, what a world…” πŸ˜‰

  52. “Down at fractal rock” Or is it fraggle?

    Jane, I want my country back and I truly believed Obama was a stepping stone to that. I want to give him the opportunity but he keeps playing the Friday night scare-a-thon. I don’t want to go to the webefucked place.

  53. Bush was an idiot, but cannot be forgiven. He allowed Cheney to take the reins. When the lawyers reviewed what Cheney planned to do and came back with legal opinions, if those opinions were disparate to Cheney’s plans, they were sent back until they could bring the legal justification/cover desired. The same can be said about the intell community and the run up to Iraq, to name but a few.

    But Cheney wasn’t president, Bush was, and Bush chose to ignore the warnings of his own father (the earthly variety) who was far more experienced and knowledgeable even though he, too, was a lousy prez.

    In contrast, Obama is a brilliant man, a brilliant strategist and a Constitutional lawyer. He’s well aware of what he’s doing with detentions, Gitmo, torture, DADT, signing statements, and refusing to put the last administration under investigation, let alone bringing them to justice. He knows it, yet he’s doing it anyway.

    My cynic within is beginning to believe that Obama is watching the ‘pubs implode and realizes that he can still beat whoever they run in 2012. Sure he’s passed funding for stem cell research and contraception, and these are important, but they pale in comparison to universal healthcare, civil rights for all, and the restoration of our Constitution.

    I expected much more from his first 100 days, let alone first 5+ months.

  54. Mom, not to mention the image we (the USA) continue to portray around the world that “we are above law” bullies. As long as the bush administration remains unpunished, President Obama owns their war crimes.

  55. Thank you Jane, for some reason I really needed to confirm that. BTW, how is Wayne doing with his computer?

  56. So right, krystal, and it pisses me off every time I hear someone talk about our taking the moral high ground or American exceptionalism.

    Will the Iraq drawdown begin this year? Doubtful, yet we’re ramping up Afghanistan with no end game while sending drones over Pakistan and killing more civilians.

    But don’t release those torture photos because our troops could be in danger! Here’s a clue… they already are in harm’s way with much more to come!

  57. Jane, my kids loved Fraggle Rock. And so did I.

    This stuff is Fraggle Rock (which also had a solid adult message) and way beyond. I’d bet not 10% of people could truly appreciate it.

    (Unless someone stood behind them with a stick.)

  58. Yeah, pachy, the time stamp still throws me sometimes.

    Wayne’s still working on his programming right now. I’ll have to let him explain what it is he’s doing (’cause I sure as shit can’t) – maybe he’ll take a break and stop by soon.

  59. If worse came to worse, we could always start the cesspool here.

    It isn’t like the average post can’t just slide into the pool, is it?

  60. Question: Would Hillary allow the public option to be removed from healthcare reform?

    Although I didn’t support her campaign, I have to wonder if that inexperience of which she so often spoke is showing. After getting slapped in the face a few times, she would have ditched the bipartisan happy talk and rammed through her agenda.

    With all his reading, too bad Obama didn’t embrace Lincoln’s “can’t please all of the people all of the time” understanding of Washington.

    But, that’s “grass is always greener” talk…

  61. Hi Jane! My weeds are so thick and lovely, they’re the best things growing in the garden so far!

    I spent the day packing for camp, stocking up on flashlight batteries and reminding the boy that showers and teeth brushing are not once a week events.

    By this time tomorrow, I’ll be missing him. Oh, who am I kidding?

    Lovely weather here in eastern PA today!

  62. What is this cesspool everyone’s talking about? Or is it like your first orgasm – can’t be described accurately but you’ll know it when it happens?

  63. With this group its more like describing the various aspects of your last orgasm and why it has political meaning.

  64. We’re just catching the tail end of one of my all-time favorite movies, “Charade” – Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, George Kennedy, James Coburn, and some character actors whose names I forget.

    Murder, romance, suspense and humor, well-balanced. And some catchy theme music. You just can’t go wrong with this movie.

      • Just a reminder to our newbies:

        The waitstaff chimps will bring you your drinks from the open bar. Keep an eye on them! If they’re giggling as they hand you your drink, just pour it in a plant or something.

        There is NO valet parking for the cesspool party. Please, do not give your keys to any chimp — no matter how sincere they may seem.

        There is no need for tips. The chimps just stick the coins up their noses anyway. Oh! Don’t accept change from them. Yuck.

        Anything goes in the cesspool — ENJOY!

  65. Hi Zooey:

    I noticed one of the children at TP was a little obsessed with you this afternoon.
    Shame on you for making the poor child upset.

    • Med, if you splash, you better be prepared to get splashed back double! This is a cesspool!

      Tickling comes under the heading of “anything.” πŸ˜€

  66. There is no need for tips. The chimps just stick the coins up their noses anyway. Oh! Don’t accept change from them. Yuck.

    That isn’t their nose lady!

  67. The Electric Monk was a labor-saving device, like a dishwasher or a video recorder. Dishwashers washed tedious dishes for you, thus saving you the bother of washing them yourself, video recorders watched tedious television for you, thus saving you the bother of looking at it yourself; Electric Monks believed things for you, thus saving you what was becoming an increasingly onerous task, that of believing all the things the world expected you to believe.

  68. Jane, Redd Foxx used to tell a story about a fellow who came in possession of a very expensive watch. The watch had multiple hands on multiple dials with multiple stem wheels that adorned the sides.

    One day the fellow was sitting in a bar when a drunk came up to him and asked, “Say fellow, do you have the time?”

    Our man, not yet having found the actual time dial himself, offers up his watch which he proudly displayed on his wrist to the drunk, telling him, “There it is!”

    The way Foxx delivered the drunk’s punch line was beautiful – totally confused in his stupor, the drunk studied the watch and replied, “Damned if it ain’t!”

    Hell that was over 50 years ago. Currently I’ m following the travails of some abortion loving woman who advocates abandoning unwanted girl babies in dumpsters. This gal is a real up and comer, let me tell you. I can’t remember her name in my current stupor, but when I close my eyes I see Mrs. Potato Head. πŸ™‚

  69. Zooey:

    Correct, I felt it would be appropriate for this thread as I explained to Wayne how his video helped me understand something I missed while reading Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

  70. The best part was he didn’t even know he was being kicked.

    Everyone knows there aren’t any dumpsters in Idaho.

    • Well, there sure as hell ain’t no abortion either!

      Trolls will readily believe anything horrible about a liberal. Cuz somebody told ’em we are BAD BAD people!

  71. Zooey, there you are? Here you are? Anyway, that was a magnificent performance the other night at TP putting down… was it greatglobofspit?

    I was almost rolling on the floor laughing, However I had also consumed many beers.

    It’s a fucking shame that I will remember this June for the heat instead of the beer.

  72. Our Zooey went from famous to infamous in a blaze of laughter.

    Maybe that is the way to counter the trolls because it sure seems they were hung up after that.

    • Seriously Med, if we can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, then we must baffle ’em with bullshit.

      All I’ve gotta do on one of those old of control threads is mention the fact that I’m late for my standing partial birth abortion appointment. Their heads spin off their necks!

    • Well, it helps that so many of those nitwits are weirdly obsessed with “Zooey.” I don’t get it, but I’ll use it against them.

      I leave the well-thought out, well-reasoned arguments to people like you, Wayne, ralph, and toasterhead. I learn a lot from them, and people get tired of my knee-jerk “Fuck you!”

  73. Don’t be jealous Zooey, I’m sure he would write to you if he had you addy.
    He posted his email addy at TPWW last year when he challenged everyone to take it offline.It’s just his old nickname@gmail.com.
    The little turd thinks I am Joe Cantwell and RHF and a couple others I can’t recall.

    • Reg,

      I never commented on TPWW because I didn’t want those losers to have my email address. They are seriously disturbed. What were you called back then?

  74. Krystal, it means your margarita hasn’t been touched by chimpy hands.

    That is if you can get Zooey to share.

  75. “Don’t you have AC, Pachy? I thought everyone done there had it.”

    Not only do I have air conditioning, I’ve also got indoor plumbing!

    Thank you, Zooey dear, you are striking my funny bone.

    BTW, what’s with that Gusto Santo? admirer of you at TP?

    • Pachy, I’m glad to make you laugh. πŸ™‚

      Santo is a troll from way back — totally insane. Used to fill up threads with literally hundreds of incomprehensible comments. It fixated on me, and calls me “Kapo.” I found if I ignore it, it doesn’t go too nutzoid.

  76. Zooey, its a Philadelphia Story thing. They think you are some sort of goddess to conquer. The FU thing is totally appropriate.

  77. Thanks Med.
    I think the TP moron-trolls are drawn to the Zoo part of you. You attract the animal instinct that rules their “brain”? ( very very small brains)

  78. Zooey, you are confusing blogs, TPWW was Toasterhead’s surreal parody stalker blog and you used to pound Twajie into a pulp.

  79. That’s it, krystal. Most trolls have limited cognitive capacity so if they can express themselves through their ‘little’ heads they feel more comfortable.

  80. You’ve got that right, genius is an understatement. Do you remember Liberal Traitor, he posted a lot of great comments and would cause the trolls head to explode?
    He was also one of the most astute posters at TP and it is unfortunate that he no longer is seen at Think Progress..

  81. Twajie and Pee aka Konservo were BFF for a couple years but the new love in his life is a batshit crazy truck-driver in California. They are both currwntly stalking Charles Johnson because they claim is is a leftist marxist.
    I wish I had what he’s smokin cuz you need to be in an alternate universe to believe shit like that.
    I can’t prove it but I have a hunch Odom’s group is trying to take over PJTV.
    Or maybe Twajies jealous because CJ goot to hang with joe the phony plumber

    • Reg,

      Those idiots are just plain nuts. I’m not even sure they believe the crap they say. They just seem interested in ruining things for people.

  82. Med, the monkey is an endangered species of primate I photographed in the Amazon.
    Scotch tendencies come from Irish grandfather.

  83. Zooey:

    I am a failed writer and half ass holistic detective and used TPWW as a doodle pad.

    My only claim to fame is that I have managed to pull off one of the greatest pranks in the history of the tubes

  84. Zooey,”Trahan was an insignificant halfwit, who thought he was something because Mr Pee paid him some attention.”

    That is the exact point I’ve been trying to scream over at TP. It exasperates me when too many trolls get quoted over and over. Their little reptilian brain swells with a false sense of importance.

    • krystal, the sad thing is “Mr Pee” was a troll as well. They formed a little gang, and tried to take over TP — and almost succeeded. They tried it here too, and failed.

  85. Do you remember the thread that provoked Bill O’Reilly so much that he ended up sending a stalker after Amanda Terkel?
    I may be responsible for the chinless gasbag losing it.

    • That was the thread about BO speaking at that rape victim’s dinner — after he’d shown so much “sensitivity” to rape victims. Right?

      How did you do that?

  86. I see that Zooey has consumed the ‘necessary margaritas’ while I was away.

    I”m trying to remember Liberal Traitor at TP, but hell, I can’t even remember how long I’ve been posting there. Seriously, anyone remember?

    I find myself missing Exley on TP, but mainly for our Mets connection. Honestly, though, wouldn’t you trade the current lot of trolls for, say, an equal number of Exleys? And a player to be named later? πŸ˜‰

    • Jane, I couldn’t stand Exley, he was so fucking patronizing. But he could form a complete sentence and make an argument — even if he was wrong all the time.

  87. “Amazing picture, krystal. I would love to have such an opportunity.”

    I’m with Zooey, that’s something I’ve dreamed about practically since I watched my first Disney nature special as a kid.

    I still regret that I didn’t have a camera with me when my friend and I had a tiger licking our hands through the cage bars. But I was drunk as a skunk at the time and probably couldn’t have taken a clear picture anyway. 😦

  88. Jane & Zooey, thank you for liking my picture! Photography is 90% location and a little knowledge of lighting. I grew up in 12 different countries, so I was super-privileged to witness a lot of beauty. One of my brothers still lives in the Amazon. Visually, it is awesome. Heat, humidity, smells and giant bugs take away some of that awe, though! LOL

  89. Zooey, not only are they gigantic, but they LOVE human beings. My tolerance waned by the nano-second. That is what makes photographs so cool. Only visuals are involved!

    • I think Cronkhite would deserve the attention Michael Jackson is getting.

      It’s weird, but “cronkhite” means “disease” in German. Different spelling, of course.

  90. What is amazing to me is how easy it is to keep something that nasty a secret. Wayne would understand, I erected an SEP field around it and made it invisable, that way it could be hidden in plain site…hehehhe

    My only regret was that O’Reilly reacted like a child and stalked Amy Terkel

  91. Well, its bed time for me! BTW I watched all 6 videos earlier today. Amazing! I worshiped Pink Floyd back in the days, so that was a plus.
    Hope you all have a good night!

  92. From Zooey’s link: “Below are two of Cronkite’s most-viewed announcements, delivered with the seriousness and honesty that seems so very lacking in today’s televised news….

    “They deserve to be pored over and studied end-to-end by every broadcast journalism student in the world.”

    Amen to that, with one exception: broadcast journalism students and current “broadcast journalists”.

    I’m reading the comments after the Cronkite article, there are some very eloquent ones, and some incredibly nasty ones. Here’s an except of an eloquent one by ‘Sandy’ that really touched me:

    “Mr Cronkite, may this evening settle warmly in your soul and know that
    your life gave light and fresh air to many while others maybe not.
    Many of us thank you for your time and spirit and pray you rest
    Good Night,

    “May this evening settle warmly in your soul” – I like that image.

  93. Chronkite has been missed for years, it’s sad that we can’t watch news anymore and be sure we are being reported the truth.

    But, “thats the way it is….saturday, June 27, 2009”

  94. reggie,
    I moved a few of your long comments to the pending bin for the simple reason that they simply required too much scrooling. In the future, simply provide a link to the thread that you want to raise as an issue.
    If you need training in HTML, we are more then willing to provide same!

  95. The comments on TP’s Four Thread-Saturday are as low as I’ve counted recently. Maybe that will wake up the admin over there that it is time to police the threads again. There were two threads on the Wonk Room, both with zero comments, and eight on Yglesias’ page, with some comments on each. Matt Y. must police his own page, as I see no troll activity there at all. Sometimes I forget those other two exist, with so much attention paid to the main TP threads.

  96. house,

    I’ve noticed you do have to have separate registrations to post at Wonk Room and Yglesias. Maybe that’s why there are fewer troll droppings. The trolls might be getting blocked from even registering, though I have seen a couple of WR posts with troll sign on them. But it is rare.

    I’ve stopped going to TP entirely. The last time I logged in I saw that damn Turkish porn spammer leave about 20 links. I flagged the comment, copied the entire post into it, and told them that if they can block comments because they contain certain words, then they should block any comments that use the letters “s-e-s-l-i” in that order. No word in English contains them, so no one’s legitimate comments should get blocked. I also told them that I am tired of seeing the comments from that one asshole who keeps saying terrible things about Amanda Terkel, and I’m tuired of that idiot who attacks Zooey all the time. So I told them Goodbye and signed my name to the abuse message, sent it in, logged out, and haven’t been back since. That was two days ago.

    Jane still goes there but I won’t. When she tells me it’s gotten better, I’ll consider going back. In the mean time, I’ve decided to do what I intended to do with my blogging when I forst started – write relatively short posts on single topics to explore my Liberal-Libertarian philosophy. I’ll be putting them on my other-other blog, the one nobody knows about. πŸ˜‰

    Also, I’ve been trying to learn Web Development with free Visual Studio.net apps that I downloaded after I finally rid my computer of a virus (which may have been Conflicker, according to my boss.)

  97. If what you had was a worm, and I believe I read that Conficker was a worm, they can be frustrating to get rid of. I had a worm a couple of years ago, when I was running Panda antivirus software, and got tech support on the phone, and they told me what to do. It took me all weekend, running and re-running their online, deep scan. Then I had to manually delete the files repeatedly until I got them all, all at once. The worm may have timed out, or I may have defeated it, I don’t know. I had a spyware on a different hard drive, that I never defeated, it just timed out and stopped affecting the drive. I still have it, and can boot up with it, but some of the apps are corrupted now, and I have what I need on this drive. I can take a blank drive and be back on in two or three hours now. Since I quit using Panda and started using McAfee from Comcast, I have had no problems. They have updated every day as the Conficker has mutated.

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