Gov Perry takes one for the team himself

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10 thoughts on “Gov Perry takes one for the team himself

  1. Texans are so stupid! Trust me, I KNOW, I live here! Over 62% of texans approve of Perry’s refusal to take stimulus money for unemploymet and more than half approve of secession.
    In this economy, I expect a lot more texans who become unemployed will be voting Perry out!
    I need to find another place to live……Sheeesh!

  2. Can we catch him with a mistress?

    The unemployed will immediately spend the money, which will help most businesses.

    I still think that Republicans want workers to be forced to work for minimum wage, regardless of skills, and want them as desperate as possible. The blue collar Republicans never think it will happen to them, until it does.

  3. It’s weird isn’t it? I grew up in Texas and one thing I noticed was that when it came to personally helping people we were always happy to help, and always offering help. But we’d bite off our tongues before asking for help. It’s really hypocritical, but somehow it doesn’t seem that way when you’re surrounded by Texans. As a Texan, you don’t find out how offensive the “helpfulness” is til you meet a New Yorker.

    Tax money is our money, of course, but in the mind of the Texan writ large, money that’s not in your paycheck or from family members is “welfare” and “welfare” will turn you into a lazy, crazy criminal. You’d probably start doing drugs and getting knocked up extra, just because you’re on welfare.

    The “hard settlers”—hard working, everything they do is an apology for being poor by American standards, beat your kids til they conform types are afraid of being the skid-row poor. The white ones are almost afraid of being black. Having a very tenuous hold on the American dream, but believing it like they believe in God makes people a little crazy.

    It would help if they could have discovered their inherent gifts early in life, and had the opportunity to cultivate them, but the school system trains poor kids to do poor jobs and the parents do the same, because that’s all they know.

  4. HoR, it is common knowledge around the more informed circles of news gatherers in Texas that Perry has strong gay leanings. I keep hoping some disgruntled gay lover comes out of the closet! One can only hope.

    Wiley, I’ve lived in Texas since 1993. The first thing an outsider notices is how “friendly and generous” Texans are….with those that belong to their religious sects. Period. Some of the most ignorant, racist, cruel and xenophobic people I’ve met in my life come from the “I’ve been here all my life” crowd.

  5. I was hoping the same thing would be discovered about W.

    It hasn’t always been that bad. Going to U.T. and living in certain neighborhoods in Austin isn’t like being in Texas so much, anyway. But you got there after the rise of the moral majority. I left in 93.
    Took my savings, got on a bus and LEFT. Traveled for a while.

    My mother used to make me go to Baptist churches when I was a kid in Fort Worth. One of them was o.k. The rest were fire-and-brimstone, the-fires-of-damnation-are-burning-in-your-mouth hate churches. I hear you. There is no better time to sit quietly with the beatitudes, Zen, Yoga…

  6. Walt,
    Since when is telling the truth “bad mouthing”? I’ve been immersed in this culture for 15 years. Spent 10 of those years working in a newsroom of what used to be one of the largest newspapers in Texas. I’ve seen it all here. This is not about the “leaders” in Texas, it’s about the ignorant, arrogant people who elect these bozos over an over again because of a misplaced sense of pride. Everything “texan” has to have a superlative; largest, smallest, best, worst, most, least. It is all about shallowness, and superficiality. I stand by what I said…the most ignorant, cruel, racist, xenophobic people I’ve ever met are people who never left Texas. The worst combination of the human condition is ignorance married to arrogance. That describes a vast majority of Texans.

  7. I agree with Krystalviews, Walt. Texas ain’t been the same since the voters there stopped listening to people like Ann Richards and Molly Ivins, (bless their memory), and the music ain’t been the same since we lost Stevie Ray Vaughn either. There’s still ZZTop and Willie, but how much longer can they last?

    And Kay Bailey Hutchinson wants to walk right in those ruts in the trail left by those aforementioned scoundrels!

  8. All,
    I left Texas in 1963. At that time, once you left the Dallas city limits and drove north you were traveling in cattle country clear to the Oklahoma border. I also went to Texas A&M when the student body was less then 4000.

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