Minnesota Supreme Court orders Al Franken is winner of Senate race

Senator Franken (D-MN)

Senator Franken (D-MN)


The Minnesota Supreme Court has ordered that Democrat Al Franken be certified as the winner of the state’s long-running Senate race.

The state’s top court rejected a legal challenge from Republican Norm Coleman, whose options for regaining the Senate seat are dwindling.

Norm Coleman, be a man and drop your ridiculous suit.

Governor Pawlenty, the ball is in your court — sign the election certificate.  Your state is depending on you.

UPDATEThinkProgress has more on the court decision.

UPDATE:  Norm Coleman is holding a news conference at 1:00 pm (PT), 4:00 pm ET).  Al Franken will hold a news conference an hour later.

UPDATE: Coleman has surrendered.


4 thoughts on “Minnesota Supreme Court orders Al Franken is winner of Senate race

  1. On a more serious note, I hope the Senator puts out beer mugs for a fund raiser. I, for one, would love to purchase my very own Franken stein!

  2. BNF wins hands down there….

    So Norm, Fox News – you must be a folk hero there now. get yourself over and hump Roger’s leg for a bit. O’Reilly will back you up, he must be apoplectic tonight… Senator Smalley?

    Last laugh definitely coming from Franken. Now then, to Paul Wellstone’s unfinished works…

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