Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX): “Nixon had Watergate And Obama Has Carbongate”

Rep. Joe Barton is as irrelevant and intellectually stimulating as Michelle Bachmann.  Does the GOP just want to be stupid, or are they hoping the public buys into one of their asinine statements?

4 thoughts on “Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX): “Nixon had Watergate And Obama Has Carbongate”

  1. Webbesee, Nixon was caught in his Watergate for illegal activities in the political arena. Said activities led to his resignation.

    Carbon is going to force Obama to resign?

  2. Thom Hartmann is replaying his Wednesday show today, and I heard something in an interview with Rep. Peter DeFazio that made me want to download the podcast and hear it again.

    Did anyone notice that DeFazio, Dennis Kucinich, and Pete Stark of California were Progressive House Dems who voted against this bill? It is not getting much attention.

    DeFazio said on Hartmann that the bill creates a new market of derivatives and credit default swaps, another BUBBLE, according to Thom. The EPA regulation of emissions was confirmed by the Supreme Court two years ago, and this bill prohibits the EPA from doing this. This was a specific provision in the bill that the polluters wanted.

    These “cap and tax” crybabies are a “smokescreen” to fool Progressives into supporting a bad bill, when no bill at all would have been better.

    You can download the mp3 of Thom’s show here. It’s Hour 1 on 7-2-09, start at 14:20.

    Dennis Kucinich on why this is a bad bill is here.

    I honestly thought we were getting ahead with this bill, now I think it sucks!

  3. That KPOJ page takes a minute to load, at least on my computer. Be patient if it is slow. It has a lot of mp3s listed.

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