The Statue Of Liberty’s Crown Reopens Today

Lady Liberty  has been closed since right after the terrorists attack on 9/11.   In order to get to the top, you have to climb 354 steps.   All the tickets sold out fast for the reopening.

Among the Statue of Liberty’s changes since closing: improved, higher handrails on the main staircase; an enhanced the public address system; and starting this Fourth of July, stricter limits on visitors.

Other Remodeling:

Beginning in 1982 the Statue of Liberty—with scaffolding eventually obscuring it from toes to torch—began undergoing a major restoration timed to the statue’s centennial in 1986.

The biggest 1980s change was the replacement of Liberty’s torch.

4 thoughts on “The Statue Of Liberty’s Crown Reopens Today

  1. In some ways, the journey to the head of the Statue of Liberty may be one of the worst patriotic tours a person can take. It’s like a three hour walk up to the most cramped and hot attic you’ve ever seen. And isn’t the real purpose of the statue it’s view from the outside as immigrants enter America?

    It’s not even as if the view from the crown is particularly unique. It’s basically the same view you’d get from any of the buildings on the mainland just across the water.

    Ferry rides. That’s where it’s at when viewing the Statue and Ellis island. That’s what those immigrants striving for a better, freer life saw. It seems like that’s the image a person would be interested in recreating.

  2. This morning I watched a tour to the crown on CNN with Susan Candiotti. I couldn’t make that climb, so I’m glad I saw it there. They did more walking on the stairs going up than this Fox video. I’d get vertigo if I looked down the center of the staircase toward the bottom.

    We might still be a colony if it hadn’t been for France. We HAD to win France back their country in WW2. We still owed them that and more. France has preceeded us socially and continues to do so to this day.

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