Ann Coulter On Palin: She is “Too Big” To Be Alaska’s Governor

At this point, I don’t know why anyone interviews Coulter anymore.   She thinks it shows great intelligence that Sarah Palin is abandoning her post as Governor of Alaska.  Like Newt she adds no value; the only thing those two are good for, is making inflammatory statements so that the Media will plaster their faces on the six o’clock news.

10 thoughts on “Ann Coulter On Palin: She is “Too Big” To Be Alaska’s Governor

  1. She just wants the Chief of Staff position. Maybe VP. Between the two of them, they could really show the world something.

  2. If Palin can’t stand the heat of the press as a governor that aborted her responsibilities and resigned for selfish reasons, then she will truly melt once the press heats up with attacks during a presidential campaign. Sarah Palin does not have the “right stuff”. She whines too much and folds too easily.

    • Cats, I read one post someone wrote yesterday that just blew me away. The guy wrote that it basically came down to her son Trig – the baby. He said she quit because people were being so mean to her son just because he had Down Syndrome! Utter nonsense. People were incensed because she used that baby as a prop pushing her political agenda. As a mother of a son with Down Syndrome, I was incensed how she used that baby for political purposes. She set herself up for criticism – directed at HER, not the baby. Nobody was attacking the baby, just Sarah Palin. She was bizarre, dishonest, and her actions were irresponsible.

      • muse, I remember you saying how much time and dedication it took to care for Sean as an infant, and I don’t see how baby Trig could possibly be getting similar time from his parents. Then there’s the growing up years. If she does as well as she did for Bristol, I don’t see how things will work out for Trig.

  3. Muse, I’m not buying that either. It would be nice if she actually put her son first, but we have yet to see any evidence that his well being and development needs rate even close to her political ambitions.

    I couldn’t work for seven years with Nicholas. With all the sensory issues, doctors appts., therapies, getting calls from the school once he started…and my husband traveling for his job, there was no time left… I’d love to know who has actually been taking care of Trig.

  4. That baby IS adorable. And I never saw one instance anywhere of anybody saying anything negative about the baby. But what irks me more than anything is the right wingers who think all progressives would pick abortion in the same circumstance. They make me sick.

  5. Her resignation is not about her family. She could care less about what happens to her family. It’s all about Sarah. Always has been and always will be. She is George W. Bush with lipstick and a skirt. The difference is that Bush has family money and lots of GOP connections. Sarah has little of anything.

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