Move Over Britney, Here Comes Sarah

It wasn’t too long ago, that Britney Spears was covered by the media on a daily basis.  We knew when Britney Spears went shopping and where she shopped.  There were constant stories about her marriage and her babies.  Nothing was secret.  We heard it all, on a regular basis.  Occasionally, the media would update us on the affairs of a young woman named Paris Hilton.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Then we had the “Runaway Bride,” the “Diaper Woman” and of course, Anna Nicole Smith.  All of these women kept our media busy.   In the meantime, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were trashing our Constitution, bankrupting our nation, and sending Americans off to die in a war based on lies, but the media never took their eyes off of these women.

Now it’s time for Britney and Paris to step aside.  There is a new woman in town and she will do and say anything to get the attention of the media.  Why just the other day, she single handedly re-directed the media’s attention away from its constant coverage of Michael Jackson and right to her.  Since John McCain yanked Sarah Palin out of Alaska and into the view of the lower 48, a week hasn’t gone by without someone from the media placing the spotlight on Sarah.  Last Friday, Sarah Palin announced that she is aborting her position as Governor of Alaska and moving onto a “higher calling.”   She claimed that she was resigning for the good of Alaska.  If this were true, she would quietly leave the scene.  Instead, Sarah Palin has been on the news every day.  On Friday, she announces the abortion of  her responsibilities to the citizens of Alaska; Saturday, she threatens to sue anyone that spreads rumors about her; Sunday, she again announces to her supporters that they should stay tuned; on Monday, she appeared in front of the cameras wearing fishing waders; and today, another stay tuned day.

Oh Sarah, we are waiting with baited breath.  When will you announce your true intentions?  Stay tuned.  There will be more tomorrow.  Are you bored yet?

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(This post is a “Point of View” by Cats r Flyfishn and may not represent the opinion of other Zoo Critters.)

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8 thoughts on “Move Over Britney, Here Comes Sarah

  1. Sorry, here my mind go’s again…Good post Cats…Do’s any one here remember the movie “Outragious fortunes” with Bett Middler.?.The picture of pitiful palin reminded me of that..She is giving everyone a blow job…LOL….

    Feeling better today, thank you all for the well wish’s…..Back to bed…..Blessings

  2. Great post Cats 😉 I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Hope you feel better soon Witch1 . Sending big hugs and healing thoughts your way!

  3. Great post Cats. Remember the story about how Palin pranced around naked in a towel in front of McCain’s people? I believe she’d do anything to get her way.

  4. Cats, thanks for the link. Cohen describes very eloquently the “alternative universal nightmare”. Very well said!

  5. Er, can the Sarah Palin posts stop now?

    Self-fulfilling prophecy?

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