CollateralNews: DoD Regards Lawful Protests As “Low-Level Terrorism”

Anti-terrorism training materials currently being used by the Department of Defense (DoD) teach its personnel that free expression in the form of public protests should be regarded as “low level terrorism.” ACLU attorneys are calling the approach “an egregious insult to constitutional values” and have sent a letter to the Department of Defense demanding that the offending materials be changed and that the DoD send corrective information to all DoD employees who received the erroneous training.

“DoD employees cannot fully protect our nation and its values unless they understand that a core American value is the constitutional right to criticize our government through protest activities,” said ACLU of Northern California attorney Ann Brick. “It is fundamentally wrong to equate activism with terrorism.”

Another great informative video by CollateralNews.

8 thoughts on “CollateralNews: DoD Regards Lawful Protests As “Low-Level Terrorism”

  1. Freedom, this does not surprise me in the least. It is just further proof that our government views itself as an entity that must be sustained. It has taken on a life of it’s own, aided and sustained by the moneyed interests who forget where the money comes from.

    Very sad.

  2. I followed the link in the post, but it doesn’t explain what type of “protest” is to be considered “low level terrorism.” Is it possible that it only refers to protests that involve violations of the law?

  3. Good evening Avarie! What the ACLU considers lawful protests. For example, when Amy Goodman was arrested from Democracy Now.

  4. Back in 2007 the DoD started showing off it’s Active Denial System to the press.

    The ADS is a microwave beam projector that penetrates to just below the skin surface and heats up the tissue. It’s supposed to replace the usual forms of crowd dispersal, and was being presented as being applicable to Iraq to prevent potential suicide bombers from approaching too close to US bases.

    In a demo shown by 60 Minutes/a>, a potentially violent crowd is played by a group of young soldiers in civvies.

    And what do their role-playing placards say?

    Not “Down with Tyranny” or “Abortion is Murder” or “It;s in GOD We Trust, NOT Government” “Hands-Off My Guns” —they just say “Peace Not War”.

    So the attitude reflected in the training materials is not new but quite endemic, and expunging the training materials of the offending references of course doesn’t expunge the attitude of those who authored and authorized the material in the first place.
    The equation that legitimate protest is a form of terrorism cant still be delivered verbally by the trainers.

    (My analysis of ADS,/a> how it was being “sold” to the media, what its real purpose was/is and what a colossal waste of money it is–if you are interested.)

    ADS cost $62 million over 10 years to develop and was supposedly ready for production and deployment. At the time I wrote my piece I guessed the unit-cost at a minimum $350,000 based on what I’d seen of it as a supposedly self contained unit mounted on a Humvee.

    In fact the Humvee demonstration unit did not represent the deployable version, which weighs 10,000 lbs and requires an 8-wheeled truck. The unit cost is thus $5 million.

    The US Army ordered five of them in October 2008./a> I do not know the present status of the order, but as far as I know ADS is still an ongoing project–fucking useless though it is)

  5. Hi freedom rebel. I’m a little confused about that situation. I saw a youtube video where it looked like she was pushing into a restricted area. But in another video she was talking about having her credentials visible, which made it seem like she was allowed to be there. Later, I read that the charges would probably be dropped. Do you know the specifics and the resolution?

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