Fox and Friends Co-Host Steps in it Big Time

From a diary at Kos. There are simply no words needed to describe this video in which Brian Kilmeade offers his theory that Swedish people have lower rates of Alzheimer’s disease because of their “pure genes,” and that we here in America “keep marrying other species and other ethnics.”

You know you’ve gone off the deep end when the obligatory cute, conservative, blonde co-host looks at you like you’re crazy. I mean, good lord, that woman’s job is to be the craziest one of the bunch. She took over for E.D. Hill following the “terrorist fist jab” debacle. So, Ms. Carlson can be pretty damn crazy without crossing the line. Kilmeade didn’t just cross that line, he jumped over the damn ocean.

20 thoughts on “Fox and Friends Co-Host Steps in it Big Time

  1. If people are marrying other species, then they already are experiencing mental problems. Rick Santorum knows all about this other species interaction. He understands “man on dog”.

  2. Brian is the comic force on the panel. It’s called J.O.K.I.N.G. If he suggested a 14 year old girl was a whore because he didn’t like her mother and his name were Letterman would you think him witty and sharp instead of disgusting?

  3. janebrock, Letterman wasn’t talking about the 14 year old daughter he was talking about the unwed mother. His mistake was that he didn’t realize that it was the younger daughter at the game with Palin.

    You know what is funny, you comparing the comedy of Kilmeade to David Letterman. Your the kind of person who would vote for Sara Palin because you think intellectuals are elitists and that we need another dumb person in the White House because Bush did such a great job.

  4. After WWII a large German community was established in the south of Brazil. Entire towns where they only married each other. I spent a couple of months in that area in 1991. After just two or three generations of “pure genes”, 62% of children were born with some form of mental retardation. That’s what you get when you don’t have a healthy, diversified gene pool.

  5. I’m not exactly sure I understand what the joke is supposed to be. Whether or not you find the Letterman joke to have been in bad taste, the joke is obviously rooted in and referencing the fact that Palin’s daughter had a baby as a teenager outside of marriage.

    What exactly is Brian’s joke rooted in? What’s the joke? I’m happy to listen, but I generally consider myself to have a pretty adept sense of humor, and I’m not really seeing what exactly he was kidding about here. If you do, then by all means — and I mean thsi sincerely — explain it to me.

  6. janebrock, so…….Fox and Friends is a comedic program? Wow! I had no idea! It just goes to show you how deceptive Fixed News can be.

  7. I just want to reiterate here that I’m not seeking to be antogonistic. I would be genuinely interested in hearing your views, Ms. Brock, on what the joke was in Mr. Kilmeade statement.

    It doesn’t seem to be ironic. Or absurd. It’s not based any any popular belief I know of, so I’m just not sure I see any foundation for it to be a joke in any normal sense of the world. But again, if you’d care to reply as to what you found funny about the statement and why — that is, let us all in on the joke, then I’d be most appreciative.

    I kinda wish you had done that with your first response.

  8. Or maybe in the year 2009 Janebrock still believes that racism is funny. Who knows.

    Well maybe Sweden has less problems with dementia because they have much less pollution than we do. Or maybe the socialized medicine they have keep their people healthier in general. The horrors of clean air and free health care.

  9. jane brock seems to be unavailable for further comment as she is recovering from some fairly major surgery after her Christian God blessed her with chest-pains and what not and Christ was probably too busy making an appearance on a piece of toast to heal her–hence her reliance on God-denying medical science to help her delay her eventual reward in Heaven, because there’s still so many fabulous cosmetics she needs to try out.

    So she’s got no time to explain a J.O.K.E about how Ronald Reagan’s affliction was due to his having sex with other species. .

  10. The species part of the comment aside (what you get when you hire idiots) it has been proven many times over that inbreeding is always detrimental. Anyone who has any contact with the pure bred dog world knows that. Anyone who has studied the history of European royalty knows it.

    If Sweden has better results I would go with Shayne’s assessment. A cleaner environment, better health care. The whole master race genetics thing was debunked a long time ago.

    Mankind will have its best chance of survival when we are so interbred there is no ‘purity’ left. Maybe they mistranslated the phrase ‘the meek shall inherit the world’. Maybe he meant mutts.

  11. Reaching for a completely different direction, anyone who has been to Brazil and/or encountered Brazilian women, especially those from the northern provices will know that the mixing of different human variations comes out *really* well!

    Same applies to Brazilian men BTW, female-critters. And to Venezuela too.

  12. And to be perfectly shallow let me just say that the most beautiful children I’ve seen in the last 15 years since I had my daughter and started paying attention are bi-racial. And I have a blue-eyed blond so it’s not a personal prejudice it’s fact.

  13. I don’t know if I believe you TtT, perhaps you could produce some pictures of “said men” just so we know for ourselves. 😆

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