Dennis Kucinich: People Love For Profit Insurance Companies! Right???

If even half of members of the House & Senate had his passion and commitment – what a different place the USA would be.  I am so proud to have him as a representative of my state.


6 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich: People Love For Profit Insurance Companies! Right???

  1. What a brave, eloquent man! He is truly underappreciated. I hope he runs for POTUS again. I think Americans are more than ready for a true progressive leader!!

  2. Here, here… Dennis rocks! I sent him money when he was running even though I knew he was a bit much for most Americans. You can be proud of Dennis Kucinich. Pennsylvanians are proud of Patrick Murphy.

  3. JT (I know Zooey has another name for you) – you are right on. Jesus provided free health care, although he did appreciate a meal and maybe a bed to sleep in as payment. That’s not asking much.

  4. I figure if this guy appeared again today, he would get pretty much the same reception he got 2,000 years ago.

    For such a supposedly intelligent creature, man is a very slow learner.

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