It Doesn’t Pay to Be Nice

Wingnuttia is all abuzz over President Obama ogling a young girl.  Good Morning America addressed the issue by showing the full video.  It appears that the President may have been trying to give a hand to the woman behind him but he does not appear to be gawking at the woman in question.  I guess the right wing has never seen a gentleman before.

H/T spencersmom

9 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Pay to Be Nice

  1. It was good to see that the media posted the video.

    It would be great to see a picture of Limbaugh either scratching his ass or picking his nose. A video would show that Rush actually was scratching his butt and picking his nose.

  2. The girl is question is a Brazilian UNICEF representative. Newspapers in Brazil are pointing out that the President did a double-take upon seeing that she’s wearing tennis shoes with an evening gown.
    Sarkozy, on the other hand…….

  3. Obama was looking down at the floor the whole time, and the fact that just one 1/30th of a second frame where the young woman passes through Obama’s line of sight has been used to try and cast Obama as having a wandering eye makes it a very clear and willful misrepresentation of the reality.

    I am fucking outraged that Obama doesn’t have the sense to wear mirror-shades when there’s sweet, sweet oogada-boogada tail wandering around.
    How can he possibly ” handle international affairs” if he doesn’t even ogle the potential benefits”? How’s he going to impress other world leaders like Berlusconi?


  4. Matt Drudge is such an idiot and tool of the wingnut media. Every photo he posts of Obama is a photo grab from a video, designed to make Obama look as if he’s doing something inappropriate. Why the hell can’t the wingnuts just tell the truth. Republican family values my ass!

  5. Brazilian, yup I could have called that. I refer all to my comments on the Fox News ‘Swedes are genetically pure’ thread.

  6. The rightwing scum just KNOW that Obama is checking that girl out, because, that is just exactly what they would have done, had they been there.

  7. What the right wing scum are projecting is that a black man is looking at one of their white women even though he is reaching back to help the other woman down the steps.

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