The Watering Hole: July 11 – Telstar

On this date in 1962, the first trans oceanic television transmission occurred. The Telstar Satellite relayed the first signals between Britain and the United States.  The first formal broadcast ocurred on July 23rd when JFK spoke. I remember that event. They also whipped Queen Elizabeth into that broadcast though I haven’t been able to find a complete copy. Telstar was the first privately owned satellite to go into orbit.

Telstar was also the first artificial moon to get its own instrumental:

Alternate link.

And but five years later a tribute to its composer was produced (Verbage starts at about the 2 minute mark.).

For you whipper snappers who wonder what we old farts had to put up with in the day of 45 RPM fidelity, listen here:

Alternate link.

184 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: July 11 – Telstar

  1. The tribute version just doesn’t have the pizazz of the original. There’s nothing like the clavioline’s sound on that recording. Even the one on My Little Runaway by Del Shannon doesn’t sound as good.

    • Well, it appears that another thread on TP is being trashed by Another Joe, stateofthedivision, and hanshiro. With those kinds of “progressives,” who needs Republicans?

  2. Clavioline sounds like one of those 1950’s products that guaranteed whiter whites, cleaner floors, flealess dogs and all sorts of godly cleanliness.

    What is it with this fixation on czars? I find it indicative that the government uses a term that describes an all-powerful dictator to describe a US post. Also, czar, as an Americanization of the Russian word is just plain silly. The more proper spelling should be tsar.

  3. This czar fixation is undoubtably a Frank Luntz inspired attempt to paint the Obama Administration as attempting to “dictate” policy. The tweet question to Karl Rove that started the emphasis of the word was most likely a setup, and planned in advance.

  4. True, Walt. The word was taken from the term Caesar. Russia has a very long history of borrowing from other cultures. I sometimes think only their paranoia is native.

    But the U (with it’s tail) in Cyrillic is much more of a tz/ts sound, almost like the sound we associate with tsk.

  5. I’ve often wondered where mankind would be today if our spiritual/ethical development had followed a parallel path to our technological development.

    There aren’t too many fields today where 2,000 year old information is considered valid anymore.

  6. There aren’t too many fields today where 2,000 year old information is considered valid anymore..

    That’s a perspicacious comment, med.

    And there are absolutely no fields where 2,000 year-old unverified and/or invalidated information is still considered valid—except in religion, the media and politics.

  7. Walter,

    I remember TelStar well, the greatest kazoo instrumental ever recorded 😀

    Perhaps there aren’t as many whippersnappers at the Zoo as you imply.

  8. 5th, we know that Israel in 4BC had no mass communication so media?

    Politics is the child of the mating of power and money. With that limited of a gene pool, inbreeding is a given so the mentally deficient child called religion is a given.

    The world has existed for billions of years. With the exception of a few cosmic events (like asteroid hits) it has flourished.

    Mankind has been around for about 5000 years and is on the verge of causing an event never before witnessed on Earth. The systematic violation of a system by the first group that was given the ability to understand the system.

    No asteroid this time, man has learned to shit in his own living room. And there are lots of people who are clapping and calling it a good thing.

  9. Just what is it with women and shoes? If I use my ex as a gauge she couldn’t keep a pair of shoes for longer than five years. And she would laugh at me because I have a pair of moccasins dating back to 1972.

      • BTW, if any of us do go to TP, I’d encourage you to “recommend” every comment that is not a concern troll or an actual troll. They seem to think that because they get a few recommends, people love what they do over there. 🙄

  10. Zooey, I figured out a while back that you lean more to the exception than the rule.

    But I would still like an answer from someone who might follow the rules.

  11. Judging by the fact that a troll might get a recommend, I believe they are feeding themselves in hopes that some newbie might misunderstand.

    I’ve given up commenting, reached my gag limit.

    • I don’t blame you, Med. There are more of “us” than there are of “them,” so if we recommend everything but them…they’ll still stick around. Oh well…

  12. The disheartening thing is that the sole purpose of trolls is to antagonize. They want to distract the decent folk who post, make them pay attention to the stupidity of trolls rather than post thoughtful things.

    Not everyone falls for it but too many do. They don’t fully inderstand the power of blogging but they do understand disruption.

    • Although I agree with many of his complaints, his constant clogging of threads with off topic comments, flaming of other commenters, and assholierthanthou attitude, have branded him as a troll in my book.

  13. Then people who disagree with you in a fashion you find irritating get relegated to troll status?

    I agree both he and hanshiro have a difficult time with the idea of on topic but they do have valid points, from time to time.

    Dang those rules.

    • No, it has nothing to do with me. It’s the way they take over entire threads with off topic comments, and then go after people who want them to stay on topic.

      They do have valid points, I can’t disagree with much of what they say. It’s their methods that irritate.

  14. med,

    I refer to the present day media that I see as being disproportionately and unthinkingly deferential to Christianity.

    But arguably, ‘mass media’ in Palestine/Judea and 2,000-odd years ago, would have been organized religion more than any official Roman proclamation.

    The priesthood had the audience in their temples, and they had the connections to political authorities and leaders, being authorities and leaders themselves.

    They had the means and the motives and opportunity to tell people what was going on in the large world, what was normal and abnormal and how to conduct themselves and how to judge others’ conduct not only in worship but in their everyday lives, and those congregants could then spread the word.

    And the thing that organized and explained and defined the world for the majority were the scriptures–the content and meaning and application of which were consistently provided by the priesthood.

    I don’t see any significant difference between the priesthood of 2,000 years ago and the Beltway pundits of today, and as you well know the religious class in America rely considerably on their preachers today for news and information. Almost every talking head on FOX News and talk radio is primarily a ‘preacher’ in style and content.
    So “mass media” isn’t really a modern abstract invention.

  15. 5th, if you are looking for an argument on that, contact Ensign. The folks in power have always found a way to convince people they are idiots and need guidance.

  16. Zooey, I wasn’t trying to pick on you. And, as I said, they are irritating and obnoxious in their methods.

    And shortly after I came to that conclusion, I started to pay attention to their disruption because all of sudden I began to wonder if I was becoming to ‘sot in my ways.’

  17. Sorry if this is off topic…… I LOVE the new Gnu Horizons. I’m not sure how “new” they are but I just noticed them 😉

    Zooey, couldn’t agree with you more. Even if I think AJ has a valid point, I never recommend him. Actually I try no to read any of his rantings.

  18. Zooey ( yay, properly re-connected now, I hope!)

    and med,

    A few weeks ago I said (on one of The Zoo threads) that I’d had-it with AJ’s whining about TP and the strongly implied whining about the TP community.

    Lately AJ has at least been providing specific links to worthwhile topics, rather than just bitching about everyone and everything without offering an alternative.

    AJ isn’t a ‘concern-troll’ as I understand it; he doesn’t make the “yes but aren’t we all flawed, really?” and the “oh but if we destroy the Republicans then we won’t have a Democracy and we”ll be as bad as them” arguments.

    AJ isn’t a typical troll–like Darryl or GOPsby, posting illiogic and irrelvance


  19. I have appreciated TP and their postings, come to enjoy the presentation of new information outside the MSM. I’ve questioned why they post certain things as what I would call ‘reinforcement entertainment’ but the ‘news’ they offer is more than is coming out of the idiot box.

    What has slowly been building for me is the intolerance game. Posters should say things everyone can agree with or chuckle about. I have seen rational posters who veer from the path labeled as trolls. Don’t like that.

    Opinions, ideas, challenges, that is the progressive way to me. Keep the formats for computer programs.

    • krsytal, open threads are open to anything you have to say. 🙂

      We started “Gnu Horizons” after the election. Before that we had “Hail to the Chimp,” which held quotes by GWB — the more insane, the better; and “Funny Farm,” which held quotes from the late night comedians.

      If things keep going the way they are, Gnu Horizons may be changed to “Thank goodness for my hip waders.”

    • I’ll resume ignoring AJ after his initial comments — which contain the links. You’re right, 5th, he used to piss and moan, but fail to link to any evidence to back it up. At least he’s doing that now.

      Med, I agree. There are many times that a commenter (usually someone new) is jumped on because someone either mis-read their comment, or it was stated indelicately. That’s a mistake. We shouldn’t be so hypersensitive.

    • Ok, I’ll stop calling AJ and friends trolls. I’ll call them “people who post things I often agree with, but who are constantly off topic, lack social skills, and pride themselves as not being in the ‘TP clique,’ but who have actually formed an outsiders clique of their own”


  20. I wrote to TP and told them that I probably wouldn’t be logging in to comment anyime soon unless they start listening to those of us who have asked them to do one simple thing – put up a Daily Open Thread, most especially on weekends.

    Like you, Zooey, I said that it wasn’t that I disagreed with their complaints about Obama, it was their constant harping on every single thread about the things that TP wasn’t talking about. And not just that, but their complaints about what they do talk about, along with the insults on those of us who chose to discuss those topics, that finally made me give up.

    I can’t claim that I was a poster there from the very start, but I think I did come in after about six months. (I don’t remember the exact timing.) I freely admit that my initial comments were more about trying to be funny and to top other people when it came to troll-bashing. And it’s really only been in the last six months (at most) that I decided to change my posting style and say thoughtful, hopefully meaningful things.

    But now, thanks to the Three Stooges (AJ, sotd, and hanshiro), I don’t know if and when I’ll be logging to to post comments there again. I might read the topics, but I don’t think I’m going to comment any more.

  21. Damn.. slip of the keyboard there….

    But AJ is like our very own smarter Sarah Palin—so damn needy and righteous.
    I’m not interested in engaging him in a running conversation because he doesn’t really seem to want that–he just wants an approving response to one of his links and then he just comes back with another, and another and pisses on everyone else in the meantime. .

    So I’ve settled on ignoring him in general and responding only to any links that seem worthwhile, but in a non-committal way and when I can see a way to mix his chosen topic into the thread-post subject and/or an actual thread conversation.

    As to the classic trolls, like Young Republican especially, I wonder what the point of the Report Abuse button is for–YR should have been banned immediately for that racist cut and paste screed from a couple of weeks ago. I flagged everything stinking turd YR left and it is still allowed to comment. .

  22. Zooey,

    Refresh my old-age memory, please. Was “SAnTo” one of the trolls who drove us to start TheZoo? There were a few regular trolls who totally stunk up the place, and one of our main beefs was the lack of registration which just encouraged more “drive-by trolling”. But was that particular jerk, who has started to extend his insults beyond Zooey to include Shayne and Jane and me, one of those trolls? I ask because it would be ironic if he was. He posted a comment on one thread that suggested we start our own blog. If he was one of the reasons we left TP (only to have them write to us and beg us to come back), then we can tell him that we did just that because of him.

    • Wayne,

      Santo was one of the reasons we left TP. BTW, Santo is a “she.” Ick.

      Santo is just nuts, and thank goodness she’s not posting hundreds and hundreds of nutty comments on every thread — like she used to. The main reason was the insufferable Pee gang.

  23. LOL Zooey, I’ll see if I can come with something a little easier than that…..

    ps. med—I;m going nowhere NEAR Ensign 😀 ( BTW tid you see’hear about ‘The Family’? Maddoiw did a segment last night and the night before. It explains so much about GOP behaviou and tis scary creepy stuff).

  24. Aren’t we the “TP clique” to which some of them refer? If so, I wish they would have the courage to just say so, instead of leaving the door open for them to say, “No, no, I didn’t mean you.”

  25. Regarding “The Family”. I was wrong in an earlier comment about them. I thought they had been telling Ensign to screw the rest of the world and continue the affair. It now appears that they did just the opposite and forced him to break off the affair (going so far as to drive him to FedEx to overnight the letter). I regret the error and any confusion I may have caused with my incorrect comments.

    There. Not only do I feel better about admitting I was wrong, I feel as though my credibility got an upward bump. And I’m still alive, so it didn’t kill me. 🙂

  26. For all the Critters here, all of them who I have come to know, come to appreciate, I have a question. My understanding is the Zoo came into being because there was a group who shared common beliefs who felt TP didn’t exactly agree with.

    I am guilty of not wanting to deal with the trolls on TP. And I am sort of angry that TP doesn’t deal with them so people can have a place to go to learn of things the MSM wants to hide.

    But, if rational decent people walk away, isn’t that letting the trolls win? And if we walk away because we don’t agree with how some of the nontroll, maybe concerned posters do their thing, we are also feeding the process?

    • You’re right, Med. That’s why I started going back to TP after a certain time of absence. I’ll go back there one day. I just have to get my own frame of mind back to a place where I can ignore the flaming and contribute in a more thoughtful manner.

  27. Thanks, Zooey. I know we hadn’t see his name there for quite a while, but when I saw his/her name recently, my first thought was that it had been banned a long time ago.

    Maybe I should write to TP and remind them of that, but I wanted to be sure of my facts.

  28. Zooey, On Jan. 1, 2008 my boss gave me a “countdown” calendar that went backwards to how many days the W. monster had left in office.
    Each day had a different “stupid” bush quote. I was known in the newsroom as #1 most rabid bush-hater and many coworkers used to stop by to get their “stupidity of the day” fix. 😀

  29. Zooey,

    or ‘troll’
    how about ‘Trollop’?

    An attention seeking whore (TROLL-) with some valid opinions (-OP) but who also has a serious ‘social disease’? 😀

  30. AJ is posing. It is a scam. Always has been. Having been beaten so many times, they are trying the Zelig approach to try and pull off a Trojan horse…

  31. Wayne ( et al )

    I too have a correction.confession, concerning Ensign/C-street (from my long and surprisingly praised Ensign S+M porno-cabal comment of a couple of days ago.

    I mentioned Cornyn as being a C-street member , when I meant Coburn. If Senator Cornyn was at all offended by my erroneously associating him with Ensign’s shagtacular adventures I don’t give a shit; I just want to be accurate about the facts.

  32. Math and non-relativistic physics are the oldest valid sciences, both having a basis over 2000 years old. Biology was soiled by creationism, astronomy by papal decree (Though Ptolemy measured the diameter of the Earth, using the Sun, a well and a stick.), chemistry by alchemy and earth sciences by myth.

  33. Cornyn was the one doing all the flying, I doubt he came down long enough to notice. That one is really out of touch with the average guy.

  34. Well, if the herd of cats can accept an old hound, things could be worse. I can accept cats…like is stretching it.

  35. Walt the man: Math and non-relativistic physics are the oldest valid sciences, both having a basis over 2000 years old.

    I assure you I can find 700 Born-yesterday Christian Scientists who can disprove your claim with nothing more than a banana and the flagrant misuse of the word ‘theory’. 😀

  36. dbadass…

    If you are right about AJ, then he’s the smartest troll I’ve seen on TP. I’ve never seen any troll work so hard to use actually decent sources to disrupt a thread.

    I notice he doesn’t want to actually discuss the issues he links to, though you keep asking him to, right?

  37. I have a serious question which I am not going to bother logging back in to TP to post, so I hope our resident legal experts can answer it. The Constitution specifically prohibits both the Congress and the States from passing any ex post facto law. It does not specify that the law in question be one that makes something illegal retroactively. How is a law which grants retroactive immunity not an ex post facto law?

  38. You guys don’t know about ‘The Banana Proof'”?!!!

    I’m shocked! Let me get the video link for you. It’s the only way to explain it,, and it;s a work of inerrant genius ( and watch out for the coffespit that will ensue).. Stay tuned…..

  39. 5th
    I have no doubts whatsoever. The strategy is to try and buy trust and belonging. It is bullshit just as mush as the eco jewelry. Some puddin’heads that wanna hear it will buy in but objective critical thinkers will and do see right through it….

  40. Wayne, you have this silly idea that the Constitution still has some residual effect on Executive function.

    Or US law.

  41. Here you go:

    Kirk Cameron (of some shitty generic family sitcom) and some guy with a porn-‘stache using “The Atheist’s Worst Nightmare–The Banana” , to prove the existence of God.

  42. The way I see it, there are activities which are illegal, the violation of which could result in fines and/or imprisonment. If you violate that law, you are subject to prosecution. If they change the law, that doesn’t negate the fact that you violated the law before it was changed. You should still be prosecuted for it. The only thing that would change is the penalty you might suffer upon conviction. But there should still be some form of punishment for breaking the law when you did, because you should have known you were breaking the law. They might decide to fine you and not imprison you, but there still has to be some kind of atonement for it. (This depends on the law in question, and the harm done to society at the time you did it.)

    Take drug laws, for example. Some states have decriminalized possession of certain drugs, but I don’t think they decided, “Okay, everyone we sent to prison for breaking this law can now go free.”

  43. dbadass
    July 11, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    One of the reasons I have avoided any direct contact with AJ is that I have had the same feeling about him.

  44. No beer, but I do have a few duty free bottles of Crown Royal I’d be willing to share, as well as a bag of Jalapeno kettle chips.

  45. It appears that violating the law has different meanings.

    If you violate the law and marry your sister, it depends on which state you perform the act.

    If you violate international law, it depends on whether the country you live in recognizes international law.

    And the final criteria is whether Karl Rove decides whether the law is real or a figment of your imagination.

  46. Congrats on the Wii dbadass!
    5th, that video oozes gay porn implications. These fanatics are so repressed!

  47. Hey, the record in that photo looks like a 78 rpm to me… 45s have a larger center hole and smaller outside diameter. 45s were usually made of vinyl rather than shellac and hence had a cleaner sound

  48. Wayne Schneider of upstate New York asks our panel of guess-perts: “How is a law which grants retroactive immunity not an ex post facto law?

    Well Wayne, when a ranking politician and an Attorney General love each other and the unitary executive theory very much…..and they have like –minded friends on the Supreme Court…, then no matter how obviously ex-post facto the ‘law’ that they dream up, all the SCOTUS has to do is refuse to address the Constitutionality and/or common legality of the law in question, whereupon the said law is made ‘legal’ by precedent and it’s implied acceptance without challenge, thus also rendering it a ‘contract’ between the governors and the governed.

  49. I have been boxing for the past half hour…
    So what’s the deal with those Japanese eggplants and English cucumbers…

  50. Oh, belay my earlier remark… I didn’t notice the center-hole adapter… but the scratchy intro to the tune sounds a lot like a 78 and that gave me the impression

  51. ixitol.

    I think it say 45 rpm on it—twice, and the 78’s I used to have didn’t have any slots in the hub–just the spindle hole.

    I also remember plenty of 45’s actually had a hole the size of a “two-bob bit”. or a 50-cent piece, and record player came with a floating spacer disk and/or you could get a thin springing spacer critter that snapped into the large 45 hole so you could swap easily between LPs and ’45’s.

  52. Vegetables and fruits…possibilities.

    Desire to snuggle…maybe men aren’t all that bad. (Thee 10 % who understand this concept)

  53. Zooey Says:

    Judging from Med’s last comment, I need to catch up on the comments. Ha!

    You might have to put down that cucumber you were snuggling with first. 😉

    And I said “might”. I won’t discount what you and your amazing talents are capable of. 🙂

  54. Wow, mention snuggling and suddenly everyone discovers something else to do.

    For those that took it as a reminder, have fun.

    For those who wish, may your wish be granted.

  55. I can speak only for myself and this middle- aged guy has found that it now takes all night to do what I once did all night.
    So cuddling became a great way to spend the previously unnecessary recuperation time between episodes of carnal delight.

  56. Wayne….

    a plainer response to your legal question…

    It isn’t.

    Its a goddamn ex post-facto ‘law’ without any merit whatsoever, legally or logically. I don’t think anyone needs to be a legal expert to see that, or even a real-estate agent or a building inspector.


  57. Thanks, 5th. Now for the kicker – how do we go about getting it declared unconstitutional? The primary argument the conservatives on the SCOTUS would have is one of legal standing. How do I prove that I was affected by this, when the program’s very existence is classified?

    And because it is so obviously wrong, why should I need to prove I have standing at all? If Congress passed a law saying all illegal immigrants could be shot on sight by the police, and I’m not an illegal immigrant, I technically would not have standing to sue to get it declared unconstitutional. But I am a human being who wants to see an inhuman law struck down.

  58. Wayne….

    yes the ‘legal standing’ issue seems a bit of a hurdle, and this is where leagl (hey! spellcheck thinks that’s a legal word!) expertise is really needed.

    But off the top of my head, there’s “friend of the court” amicus brief and maybe one could actually develop a class-action suit, maybe? .

  59. Wayne…

    Oh, and I’m thinking maybe it doesn’t actually have to be argued on Constitutional grounds per se?
    After all we are talking about the violation of a very explicit law–not just a violation but the active pursuit of organized illegality.

    So isn’t there a bit of RICO that might be pertinent?

    Of course I’m working with my own ignorance and logic here at the moment.

    It’s something worth talking to legal experts about, because the politicians aren’t going to touch it and/or they aren’t smart enough or imaginative enough. frankly.

  60. I just flagged Santo #134, at TP and left this in the Report Abuse box:
    “If you can read THIS, you can read the comment I’m flagging!”

    I went to State Of The Division’s blog, and there isn’t a way to make comments there. Does he bitch a lot at TP, but not allow others to criticize what he posts at his own blog?

  61. House,

    Which thread is that on? On the rove-czars-oversight thread, he posted this at 247:

    Santo Gnende Says:

    HEY NJane it MUST be TIME FOR waynes BJ-i hear HIM simpering in the BAckground…maybe ZOey can DROp bi and and Lend A Hand!!!

    I wrote to TP and said this person was one of the reasons I’m not going to post there for a while.

  62. How does one take the high road with something like this? If I ignore it, there are those who would think less of me for not defending myself (or, worse, not defending my wife). If I respond to it, I’m sinking to its level.

  63. What a thread to read thru! That’ll teach me to be gone for the day.

    Hi all! For the record, I agree that the Constitution has been/continues to be abused and disregarded. I agree that men trump fruits and veggies, which still trump batteries. I agree that AJ and Hanshiro often have valid things to say, but both have become so obsessed with posting that 1) they take over threads and 2) it appears that at least AJ must spend hours putting his stuff together to cut and paste on thread after thread. They need to get a life, or at least their own blog.

    Finally, I’m so happy to see that Zooey is connected again!

    Off to do more laundry… the boy has returned from camp, but this year both socks and underwear failed to make the round-trip. No matter, could be worse…


  64. Wayne, you are a gentleman. Those who know you, already know that. Those who don’t aren’t yet in need of convincing.

    Comments like that should be flagged and someone at TP should immediately delete them, issue a warning to the poster, and ban if it occurs again.

    If TP won’t actually moderate their own board on weekends, they should just shut it down. An unmoderated board can get out of hand so quickly, as the trolls quickly learned…

  65. I had already written my goodbye to TP and logged off (which I recommend to those who wish to let TP know they are serious about staying away; if you’re still logged in, they won’t think you’re really leaving. You just have to remember your login and password.) Jane told him “Your hearing must be better than mine.” I do love my wife.

    Unfortunately, Santo was wrong. It still wasn’t “time”. 🙂

  66. Thank you, everyone, for your kind words about me. I am trying to forge a reputation for, at the very least, not being an asshole. I hope I’ve achieved that much, at least.

    I’m also hoping Rachel Maddow notices some of my comments and repeats the points I try to make that no one else might. She has already said she reads it and once remarked about how and why many posters there added “Hussein” to their names, in a show of solidarity with Obama.

    Yeah, I’m a dreamer.

    Yeah, I know she’s not “available” to me. 😉

  67. Zooey,

    I don’t extend offers to people to become Critters, unless I was part of the conversation about them. I don’t remember us talking about hanshiro. Then again, there’s a lot of things I don’t remember. 🙂

  68. Wayne, I’ve got the asshole part covered. You just keep holding the fort down on insightful and creative, Okay?

  69. Things be in a sorry state when holdiing to decency and honor make a decent and honorable man question himself.

    Wayne, do you really think the mouthings of a semi literate troll mean more than a goat fart? Keep to your high ground.

  70. and dbadass doesn’t need an excuse to thump trolls. He’s just better at it when he has one.

    Hard as it is to imagine.

    • Ok, I need to get away from the computer for a while — again.

      I think I chased hanshiro off, and AJ is pretending that he scrolls by all of my comments, while responding to each one. Hilarious!

      If any Critters are hanging around, feel free to put up a cesspool party!

  71. Aw, shucks, you guys are great. (sniff!) Thank you.

    I’m still staying away from TP for a while. At least, as far as commenting goes. I may lurk, and Jane will certainly keep posting comments for the foreseeable future.

    And tonight, I have to enter a collection of game ticket pin numbers to win prizes online from an A&P “Play & Win” Game at our local store. I may be gone for a couple of hours, as I have to do this by midnight. I just hope their server doesn’t crash. Tonight is the deadline. I’ll see you great folks later. 🙂

  72. Eureka, I finally found it…
    Hi, I just joined after being driven from ThinkProgress by a couple of pigeon stools who were hijacking every thread, baiting posters and then bitching about the “flame” when they got called on it. I go by The Moderate Squad over there, so if you have a problem with my thought processes or sense of civility, please tell me now…

  73. Hey Zooey. Had a little trouble navigating here – my daughter is off at college, so I don’t have anyone home right now to tell me how to work things. I just figured out the Victrola last week…

  74. Very, very cool. My marital home was home to the predecessor to visual communications; we’re talking early wireless. Marconi.

    Camp Evans was once the 1914 Marconi Belmar Trans-Atlantic Wireless station, opened world-wide wireless communications, played an important roll in W.W.I trans-Atlantic communications, the first campus of The King’s College, played a key roll the development of radar as an effective W.W.II secret weapon, opened space communications in 1946, was a cold war technology site, a nuclear weapons research site, visited by Senator Joseph McCarthy as he suspected a communist spy ring may have been operating here, the birthplace of satellite based hurricane tracking, was a pre-NASA space research site, and is a black history site. Many of the most significant contributors to communications technology from the early days of spark-gap wireless technology to 1998 when microwave, fiber optics and satellite technology were proven technologies have worked at this historic site.

    This place was literally across the street and I begged my kids not to climb the ladder to the satellite dish.

    Marconi radio was also used on the Titanic, not that it did any good….

  75. Zooey,
    My opens are only popular because I have a warped mind. I also did warm-up duties for Phyllis Diller in the Poconos when my mind was more agile during the late sixties and early seventies.

  76. The audience. Phyllis warmed up the plane during the trip out of NYC on Friday PM (It was a charter out of LGA and she practiced her jibes.). On the trip back, on Sunday after midnight, she snored!

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