Glenn Beck Completely Loses It On A Caller Over Healthcare

Oh my….I think he is off his medication.  You listen and decide?


5 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Completely Loses It On A Caller Over Healthcare

  1. Glenn Beck worships at the alter of St. Ronnie Reagan, the same Ronnie Reagan that promoted “it’s all about me” and “fuck everyone else”. Beck is not capable of thinking about others.

  2. I didn’t listen to the call. I admit that.

    I am worried that anybody in this country (or on this planet, for that matter) would take this man seriously. He has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. I distinctly remember him saying during one of his rants, “You’ve got to believe in something. Even if it’s wrong, you’ve got to believe in something.” How can anyone take an idiot like that seriously?

    • I believe that people have the ability to work and live together in harmony. The question is — will we?

      I doubt that’s the “belief” Beck is looking for.

      Goodnight, all.

  3. What did he say about that gun? And he didn’t use it? Pity.

    Sorry, I’m a little grumpy.

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