Pat Buchanan is 100% pure racist

“White men were 100% of the people that wrote the Constitution, 100% of the people that signed the Declaration of Independence, 100% of the people who died at Gettysburg and Vicksburg, probably close to 100% of the people who died at Normandy. This has been a country built basically by white folks.”

And Pat’s Klan robes will be 100% white as well.

Rachel did a fine job allowing this hardcore racist expose him so completely.  There is not a single doubt remaining as to what Buchanan is about.

Will MSNBC finally stop giving this racist an almost daily platform to spew his hateful rhetoric?  Afterall, there are no self-proclaimed neo-Nazis employed as “regular contributors” on any other reputable news organizations — as far as I know.  What makes Pat Buchanan so different?  Wearing a nice suit and combing his hair?


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12 thoughts on “Pat Buchanan is 100% pure racist

  1. I watched this clip over on Media Matters last night and was impressed by how polite Maddow was even with Buchanan virtually foaming at the mouth.

  2. After watching this on Rachel last night, I sent her the following e-mail:

    Dear Rachel,

    Just finished watching you have your little “chat” with Pat Buchanan. Fascinating television and, once again, I commend you on your patience and ability to comport yourself as well as you do when the guest is saying some uncomfortable things. But this isn’t about Pat’s obvious and discomfiting racism.

    Last year, your colleague David Shuster was suspended (and rightly so) for joking that the Clintons were “pimping out” their 28-year-old daughter. Yet your colleague “Uncle Pat” jokes that the “First Dude” of Alaska (Todd Palin) should kill the 19-year-old father of his grandchild, and he’s still on the air. Why is that? Can you explain why Pat wasn’t suspended, when his comments were quite obviously much worse than David Shuster’s?

    Thank you, and keep up the great work. You really do have an excellent show, Rachel. I have been a fan of yours since I first heard you on Air America (which was probably your first day there, as I used to listen on the way to work, and probably caught you on Lizz Winstead’s show. Why does Lizz always end up leaving her great work?)


    Wayne A. Schneider
    Pawling, NY
    Critter at TheZoo and frequent TP poster

  3. Nice job Wayne. Exactly the question to ask. Pat Buchanan’s right to say whatever he wants is guaranteed, but he doesn’t also get the right to a megaphone to say it.

  4. Terry,

    Thanks, but I hesitate to clarify something. The First Amendment only guarantees that the government can not stop you from saying something. It does not stop anyone else from punishing you for the things you say, including a journalism employer.

    Rachel pretty much gave anyone who doubted it proof that Pat Buchanan is a racist, whether or not he sees himself that way. Okay, fine, he’s a racist. My complaint is about his joking about killing a teenager and still allowed to go on the air, while Shuster got suspended for two weeks for saying something that, while bad, was far less harsh. That is a clear double-standard. Shuster has a sense of humor (and Jane and I only like him as a fill-in for Keith, ever since Rachel did a great job doing it and got her own show out of the deal). Pat’s poor-taste joke was shrugged off by everybody there as “Pat being Pat.” Well, Shuster was just being Shuster when he used those ill-chosen words, and he got punished for it. Where’s Buchanan’s punishment? Why are their viewers being punished by having to watch him?

    NBC and MSNBC better learn that they can lose viewers over poor decisions like the one that let Buchanan stay on the air unrepentant and unpunished.

  5. Wayne, I sent a letter to MSNBC’s headquaters in New York the day aftet the incident on Joe Scumbag’s. I haven’t received a response, but then, I send it snail mail.

  6. No, I see what you are saying Wayne, Stormtrooper Pat is getting away with saying whatever he wants without repercussion. His comment about whatsit in Alaska should have had him suspended from whatever contract he has.

  7. When the David Vitter story broke, Keith Olbermann was out. His fill-in (I forget which one did it, but it wasn’t Shuster or Rachel) made some tasteless comments about the way Mrs Vitter was dressed. Keith apologized the night he returned (and it wasn’t the next night) to both the Vitters and the audience and promised it would never happen again.

    Why can’t NBC make such an apology for Pat’s murder fantasies, even if they won’t apologize for his rabid white supremacist views?

  8. Wayne, you assume there is a large part of the listening audience who finds Pat offensive. They don’t. He might make them squirm a bit.

    The thing is there are many Americans who bought into the buy big and hock your soul bit of the past 8-10 years. They have two choices. Either they admit to themselves they were fools, dupes or idiots or they buy the right wing propaganda that it was someone else’s doing.

    So far, they are buying the lie. The picture in the mirror hurts too much.

  9. Here are some gems by Pat Buchanan:

    “I don’t care about the circumstances of a child’s conception… You want to execute somebody in the case of rape, execute the rapist and let the unborn child live.”

    “‘Darwinism’ contains dogmas men may believe, but cannot stand the burden of proof, the acid of attack or the demands of science.”

    “Someone’s values are going to prevail. Why not ours? Whose country is it, anyway? Whose moral code says we may interfere with a man’s right to be a practicing bigot, but must respect and protect his right to be a practicing sodomite?”

    “The real liberators of American women were not the feminist noise-makers; they were the automobile, the supermarket, the shopping center, the dishwasher, the washer-dryer, the freezer.”

    Well, at least Pat is an equal opportunity hater — he hates everyone.

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