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Lewis Black is “Back in Black”!

Hitting hard at the ridiculous arguments against health care reform…

Raw Replay:

The comedian singled out Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who was quoted as saying “I had a friend of mine in Florida who lost a friend in Canada because the government decided he was too old for a certain kind of procedure.”

Black didn’t buy McConnell’s story. “Your anti-health care anecdote is a friend of a friend? That’s not even enough proof for an urban legend. I have a friend of a friend who brought home a dog from Mexico then he shaves it. It turns out someone had stolen its kidney and replaced it with a polaroid picture of my tooth brush up Richard Gere’s ass. Go figure. If you can’t give me any evidence then at least do the honorable thing and confuse me,” joked Black.

It’s amazing to me how the people who have great access to health care and insurance don’t seem to think there’s a problem…

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The Watering Hole: July 21 – Hermínio da Palma Inácio

Hermínio da Palma Inácio

Hermínio da Palma Inácio

Hermínio da Palma Inácio  was the leader of the first hijacking of a commercial aircraft. On the 10th of November 1961, five man and one woman boarded the TAP Super-Constellation called Mouzinho de Albuquerque carrying in their hand luggage 100 000 pamphlets protesting against the Portuguese dictator Oliveira Salazar and urging the people to rise for democracy. Half an hour after take-off, Palma Inácio stormed in to the cockpit and with a revolver threatened the flight crew to follow his orders.

As the flight continued to Lisbon the crew told that there wasn’t enough fuel to return to Morocco, but Palma Inácio was an experience aircraft mechanic and had a license for commercial flight, so he checked the records and confirmed that the plane had been fueled in Casablanca. When arriving to Portela Airport, permission was asked to land, and just before touchdown, the pilot initiated a go-around at low altitude. The plane was depressurized and by the emergency windows the leaflets were thrown over Lisbon and Faro.

He then allowed the plane to return to Morocco, apologized to the passengers, presented all the ladies onboard with a rose, and then vanished.

Hermínio da Palma Inácio died on July 14th, 2009.