Bernie Sanders: The VA is a Socialized health care system, right Mr McCain?

Senator Bernie Sanders points out that it’s not the job of the Senate to protect the private health care industry, but to make sure there is real health care reform in this country.

What a concept, huh?

3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders: The VA is a Socialized health care system, right Mr McCain?

  1. Listen to Senator Bernie Sanders every Friday live on the Thom Hartmann show at noon eastern time. My favorite place to get Bernie (and Thom), is KPOJ Portland, Oregon’s webstream. If you are fortunate enough to live in range of a progressive radio station, you are luckier than I.

    Some stations carry Ed Schultz during that time slot, and run Thom’s show tape delayed. KPOJ follows Thom’s show with Ed Schultz on tape delay.

    • That’s my favorite station too, House. I pick up a Spokane station, sort of, in my car.

      I don’t think Idaho allows lefty radio across the state lines. 😀

  2. Progressive Talk Radio is OUR mainstream media, Zooey. If I could listen at work, I could have it on 24/7. My afternoon starts during “All Things Considered” on Alabama Public Radio, followed by “Marketplace”, then “The World” and “Fresh Air”. All that ends at 8pm. I get the BBC News at 1am until I pack up to go home. I get a replay of Nicole Sandler of Air America at 3am, and I drift off to sleep to Rachel Maddow after 4am. If I leave the volume just right, I can wake to Thom on KPOJ’s morning show with Carl Wolfson and Christine Alexander. I miss Ron Reagan and Mike Malloy in the evenings though. There is almost too much talent on Progressive Talk these days.

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