The Watering Hole: July 29 – The Spanish Armada

On this date in 1588, the Spanish Armada suffered an ignoble defeatย in a prelude to The Battle of Gravelines. Five Spanish capital ships (Galleons) were lost in this initial skirmish. The English did not lose a single ship except for the fire ships that they set adrift amongst the Spanish fleet.

Subsequent naval engagements and inclement weather all but eliminated what was the most powerful naval force ever launched up to that time. By mid-August, England was the most prominent naval power in the world.

59 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: July 29 – The Spanish Armada

  1. Here’s a show I heard during work:
    NPR’s Fresh Air with Economists Paul Krugman and Stuart Butler. Butler, of the Heritage Foundation, discusses the health care legislation with Krugman, and they agree a lot more than you might think.

  2. Well Zoo, I have a policy of not commenting on Sarah Palin so I won’t say that Shatner was bloody hilarious.

  3. Though not inspired by it this song with its convoluted verses and dead simple chorus would have been a perfect fit for the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

    If ever the choice of a national anthem were put to a public referendum, I’ve no doubt God Save the Queen would be ditched in favor of Rule Britannia.

    Though the convoluted verses are full of shameless hubris it is the second and last line of the simple chorus (about the unity, resolve and power of the people—rather than the monarchy or the military–and their basic rights that gets everyone going.

    • I like this song much better, 5th.

      I love how the British are obviously so proud to be Brits, but are totally not afraid to call bullshit — publicly — on their leaders. I’m thinking of Tony Blair on C-Span in the House of Commons(?).

  4. Zooey,

    Come to think of it when the Queen isn’t directly involved in events where God Save the Queen is usually played (like at international soccer matches) they should use Rule Brittania instead.

  5. Thom just said Portland will have a high of 107 today. The Weather Channel showed yesterday’s high at 105, setting a record. That’s some serious heat! Y’all be real careful out there!

    • It’s horrendous, House. That’s quite severe weather for Oregon. I worry about the old people who are too scared to open their windows at night.

      We’re usually way hotter than Portland, but we’re hovering around 90 degrees for the next week. Not that I’m complaining.

  6. Meanwhile in the Garden of Corruption State (NJ) a storm cell has just passed through. my neighborhood traveling west to east.
    That makes three days in a row, three distinct storms a day (morning to noon we’ve had sunshine and 90 degree temps, then the storms roll through–cloud to cloud lighting, superb thunder that sets off car alarms, and buckets of rain).

    In my apartment 6 of the 9 windows face an unobstructed south and the inside temp is always at least 5 degrees above the outside temp (and I can never get any cross flow ventilation).

    After a month of consistent humid 85-90 degree temps I finally relented and plugged in my A/C. I run it as needed but it will add $100 a month to my utility bill.

  7. Portland took a lot of crap this winter because a fairly small amount of snow and ice shut us down for nearly two weeks. Of course, we get weather like that every 10 or 20 years and the city has invested in a minimal number of snow plows, etc.

    For the same reason, Portland-area homes were mostly built without central a/c, except for some of the newer construction. A lot of people, including people with decent incomes, have little or no a/c, generally limited to a small window unit for the bedroom. And, as always, the really poor have nothing.

    Biggest problem is that it hasn’t been cooling down at night, so the build-up in homes is increasing every day.

  8. 5th,
    Put IR blocking film on the windows that face south. You will lose the warming effect in the winter, but if the landlord pays for the heat, that should not disturb you.

  9. Gummitch,
    It’s famous here in Alabama how bad we behave in snowy weather. All the bread, milk and eggs disappears off the grocery shelves at the hint of snow. We also have too little of it to afford the equipment to handle it, individually as well as municipally. We get around ok only because of the high number of 4 wheel drives owned here.

    I can’t imagine 100 degrees without AC. My wife came home from work to a house without power one night and she was in a panic. I had to get on the ‘net and find out why for her. It was too hot for her to sleep. Finally the power was restored and she took a shower and was ok, but she was ready to go to a motel if it hadn’t gotten fixed.

    • The difference out here, House, is that our temps can drop around 50 degrees overnight, so it’s not as big of a crisis. ๐Ÿ™‚

      When I lived in Louisiana, we had a fairly minor hurricane (one of three in one summer!) that knocked out our power for a week. We got a motel room in Lafayette after two days.

  10. Zooey,
    A friend from Montana told me the low humidity makes both the heat and the cold there more bearable. He was having trouble with the humidity here and he was military, and sitting in a mobile radar unit most days.

    We’re in a mid-summer monsoon lately, with above-average rainfall and low 80s for highs. My AC is actually cycling to off periodically, amd that never happens until September.

  11. We’ve been very lucky here. It’s been in the mid 70s and they say no change for the next ten days. Very weird for end of July/first of August here.

    My sympathies to the sweaty crowd.

  12. Good luck, Walt.

    I’m going to do one final test run on the pancakes for supper tonight and if it works out I’ll get the recipe posted.

  13. So what’s the headline Zoo:

    1898: Kellogs’ invent Corn Flakes?
    1966: England beats Germany 4-2 in World Cup Final?
    1969: Barbra Streisand opens for Liberace at the International, Las Vegas?

    …. drooling with excitement….

  14. Zoo, what you find on Craig’s List and do in the privacy of your own home is of course *none* of my business.

  15. If anyone is around, the racist deuce coupe just posed the question “and who does the most crime?” on the Furhman thread (#39). Vote down time.

  16. I voted him down. I predict he will come back with some (possibly made-up) statistic to try to prove that most of the people in prison are non-whites. But that would, of course, not be proof that most of the crimes were committed by non-whites.

  17. Thanks, Zooey!
    I have power now – every once in a while, we are in an elite group of 71 Florida Power and Light customers who get hit about two or three times a year with an outage. I have a full house surge protector as well as a few on circuits with expensive equipment around the house.
    I also have a spouse who is paranoid about thunder storms. She spends a lot of time in the walk-in closet this time of the tear.

  18. Good to have you back, Walt.

    Jane gets really, really nervous these days whenever there is a “severe thunderstorm warning”. Twenty years ago, tornadoes started becoming a more frequent phenomenon in this part of the country. You know what this place used to be like for tornadoes – they were almost unheard of. When I was about nine, I saw a tornado in Mahopac from by rear window in Brewster Heights. My father and I were watching it and I asked him if we should take shelter and he said, “Only if it hops over that last hill (and right across Middle Branch Reservoir right up to our house).” It didn’t.

    Twenty years ago, a tornado went through that same street where I used to live, and passed a couple of hundred feet from her parents’ house. As children, we both used to love thunderstorms. Now she lives in fear of them.

    Gotta go. TDS is on with John Bolton.

    • Mom, I am SO going to your funeral.

      Are you sure there will be enough fireworks inside if we cinch you down to a size 2? And you’ll need a nice tiara to go with that diaphanous gown…

  19. Wow, did I make a major faux pax on TP. It was the equivalent of Miles drinking and dialing. My apologies.

    To make it up to those who know I know better, dance to this:
    GD at Duke, NC: 4-12-78 US Blues (complete with an animated Jerry and windmills)

  20. And so did I. But my confusion preceded the comments. Chalk it up to a major, massive, brain fart (and pints of Hop Devil).

  21. Going great. Still gainfully unemployed, but heading to Washington DC tomorrow for a long weekend with my son and his best friend who hails from Columbia, South America. He’s never been to Washington so weI’ll show him the sights (I was born and raised there), treat him to some good pub grub and head home Sunday eve. Then we’ll hit the Gettysburg battlefields before my son spends some time with his grandfather. If time permits, might fire up the BMR and head to Kansas City for a week before school starts.

    Today spent the day on the phone with 3, count them 3, prospective jobs. Life if good.

  22. Zooey, get thee butt to DC. Aside from lodging and food, the monuments, museums, capitol, don’t cost anything. It’s your city and you should go. I was born and raised there and it feels like I’m going home (and I do have a raised seal on my birth certificate)

    • I will do that one of these days — probably when I’m no longer a poor student. Sounds like my kind of place. Free!

      Short form or long form…? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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