Lou Dobbs “GULP”

The Raw Story

Since opinionated CNN news anchor Lou Dobbs began reporting on a conspiracy theory story that suggested President Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States, his ratings have fallen some 15 percent.

In two weeks.

Dobbs began reporting on the Obama birth certificate story — circulated by the hard right — on Wednesday, July 15. In the following two weeks, his Nielsen ratings dived — reducing his overall viewers from an estimated 771,000 to 653,000.

Your move, Dobbs.  Make it a good one!

2 thoughts on “Lou Dobbs “GULP”

  1. But does Lou Dobbs run CNN not? And has anyone seen Kitty Pilgrim since she outed Lou?

    The most misogyinist show on CNN (has anyone seen anyone but female reporters on the show and why do they have to sit in front of the desk while Lou hides his wood behind the desk?) might be moving to Fox! Move over Glenn Beck…

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