The Watering Hole: July 31 – Ka Hae Hawai‘i

Today, July 31st is Hawaiian Flag Day, first declared in 1990 and celebrated that year and every year since.

Flag of Hawaii

Flag of Hawaii

The eight horizontal stripes represent the eight main islands and the ensign represents the period that the islands were a British Protectorate.

46 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: July 31 – Ka Hae Hawai‘i

  1. Excerpted from Wikipedia:
    “A lei may be composed of a pattern or series of just about anything, but most commonly consists of fresh natural foliage such as flowers, leaves, vines, fern fronds, and seeds.

    Other types of lei may include sea or land shells, fish teeth, bones, feathers, plastic flowers, fabric, paper (including origami and monetary bills), candy, or anything that can be strung together in a series or pattern and worn as a wreath or a necklace.”

    Y’all can special order the hypo-allergenic leis for a small additional charge…

  2. Maybe they have some made with silk flowers for the nasally challenged? Otherwise their vacation slogan might become ‘See Hawaii and sneeze’.

  3. Hawaii’s flag is a little disappointing – it’s a shout-out to the British Empire for one thing, and where’s all the tropical colors? I think they should try again, using whatever they find in Don Ho’s closet.

  4. Fascinating story, Zooey. Post-worthy, too.

    Octomom told US Weekly that it was “a mistake” to have those eight kids. That will make getting custody of them difficult, I would guess. Somebody on MSNBC said her expenses for the fourteen kids is…get ready for this…$30,000 a month!

    And she wants to get a Social Worker degree to get a job that would pay $60,000 a year. Well, after taxes, that would leave her enough for about one month. At $30K per month, she’s going to have to come up with 3/4-million dollars just to get them all to age two!

    She was irresponsible (as was her doctor), and she deserves to have the kids taken away and given to parents who want and can afford to have children.

    • Post it, Wayne! I’m going out — the construction is so loud it’s rattling my brain. 👿

      Octomom doesn’t have custody of those kids? There is a god!

  5. BTW, I meant the fake letters was post-worthy. You got that comment in about your dog before I finished my last post.

    But, no, I have never experienced a dog talking to me. David Berkowitz did, but that’s just be a coincidence.

  6. I’ve had pets who communicated things to me, but never by talking.

    Our first cat, Becca (she was the best) once got pissed off at me because I hadn’t changed her litter box. So she grabbed a (thankfully) solid turd and batted it out into the living room, left it there, then ran back to the back room. After I finished laughing my ass off, I went back there and changed her box, while she sat there watching me the whole time. When I finished I said, “Satisfied?” She gave me a sarcastic meow and went straight to the box.

  7. I can write something up about the fake letters, but it’s going to be a couple of hours before it’s ready. (Working title “How Low Can They Go?”) I have to take my mom to the grocery store. I’ll do it even if TP posts about it. If their take on it differs from mine, then I’ll try to get them to link to us.

  8. Okay. I guess that’s a problem with having two different conversations going on at the same time.

    Switching topics:

    On MSNBC, they just did a tease about a story of one of the astronauts on the just-landed space shuttle who wore the same underwear for a month! (The mission was only sixteen days long, so I have to wonder why he didn’t put on a fresh pair right before takeoff.) It’s a new kind of material that absorbs…whatever it absorbs…and makes it, I’ll say “plausible”, to wear them repeatedly.

    Anyway, the funny part is that as they were going out to commercial, they played “Ooh, That Smell” by Skynnyrd.

  9. …I’ll be WAY too sarcastic.

    Like I won’t be? You should remember, I’m from New York. State motto “Yeah, sure, I’m impressed.” (This replaced the previous sarcastic motto, “Have A Nice Day.”)

    They just said Sen Chris Dodd has prostate cancer. I just hope for his sake that he has a good health insurance plan.


  10. Hi Critters! TGIF!

    I have a cute pet story. When my black lab, Maddie (who has been gone for 5 years but is still missed) was a puppy, I was living in Truckee, CA (north of Lake Tahoe) and doing consulting 3 days a week about 100 miles west. I found a kennel about a mile from my client’s office and the owner was an original Dog Whisperer.

    Anyway, each Monday night I’d pack up the car for an early morning departure. One day, as I was hauling stuff out to the car, I noticed Maddie was right on my heels with each trip. I finally realized that she was bringing out a few toys, her “blanket” (an old towel) and a chewy. She was packing up her own stuff for the week!

    I used to let her out of the house on her own to do “stuff” because she never wandered far and we rarely had any traffic on weekdays. One day, again, she was still a young puppy, there was a knock at the door and when I opened it, there stood a very tall, very handsome officer with Maddie sitting right in front of him, looking up at me and wagging her tail as if to say “Mom! Look what I found for you!” He was there to inform me of a new leash law, which I promptly ignored.

    Pets are amazing, and it’s time we get another dog…

  11. The whole forged letter thing reminds me of a scene from a Dirty Harry movie. I think it was the Enforcer where he goes to a massage parlor to question the sleaze that runs it. He finds a room full of granny types writing hot response letters to personals and sealing them with a big ole lipstick kiss.

  12. So now Tony Perkins is doling out faux awards and medals. Didn’t Rick “The Profit-Driven Life” Warren give some idiot a medal last year, too?

    Now that I think about it, I believe that idiot was Bush and it was a Peace Medal of some kind. I recall it because of the irony of a “man of God” bestowing a “peace” honor on a man-child who started two unnecessary (and illegal) wars, killing hundreds of thousands or millions of people near the “Holy Land”.

    Did I miss the “Blessed are the hypocrits” one?

  13. Okay, I love Joe Biden. I really do. He’s a smart and honest guy and I don’t begrudge the man a beer.

    But why did he have to join Obama, Gates and Crowley? Here we had one black man, one white man, and one half black/half white man, coming together to discuss racial tensions. The scales were balanced. Then along comes another all white man and the racial balance gets skewed again.

    Just an observation.

  14. Mom,

    While it is true that Obama is bi-racial, I think they were thinking of “the optics” of the meeting. They knew there would be photographers snapping shots, so they wanted to present a “visually balanced” picture – Obama, Biden, Gates, Crowley in that order.

    And I hear that Biden was great for helping to keep the mood light. He is quite an affable guy and good at telling jokes.

  15. Wayne, I was being facetious. Sorry that didn’t come across… I really do love Biden and he’s one of the few in Washington willing to tell it like it is. Of course, being from Delaware, he was part-owned by BigCredit, but he’s good of heart. The hair plugs don’t play well in the wind, though, as we learned on the day of his acceptance speech.

    And I honestly wasn’t looking at the pics from the meeting through a racial lens. It just struck me as ironic that, without Biden, the races were perfectly balanced (1 1/2 men of each race) whether or not that was apparent through the lens of the camera.

  16. Zooey, did you hear about the new movie Adam (?) about a guy with Asbergers. It was a hit at Sundance and got picked up for wide distribution. It’s supposed to be the best “relationship” movie this year and not corny or trite.

  17. Bill Maher, “I’ll show you Barack Obama’s birth certificate when you show me Sarah Palin’s high school diploma.”

  18. Actually I did notice that. I just think that that perspective would have been lost on a lot of people (especially ones not as clever as folks like us 😉 ) So they put Biden there for a more visually balanced picture, and I think it looked great. And it would be less subtle than what you observed.

  19. I’m watching Bill Maher, with Rachel Maddow on the panel. Many times, when Bill gets off color, female guests, and some male guests, will resist laughing at the blue humor. Rachel is laughing as loud as anyone in the audience. I love that. She’s absolutely real.

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