The Watering Hole: July 31 – Ka Hae Hawai‘i

Today, July 31st is Hawaiian Flag Day, first declared in 1990 and celebrated that year and every year since.

Flag of Hawaii

Flag of Hawaii

The eight horizontal stripes represent the eight main islands and the ensign represents the period that the islands were a British Protectorate.


The Division Among Us: A Scene from a Navel Gazing Media

The beer meeting between the President, VP, Officer Crowley, and Prof. Gates could not have gone more badly.  Simply look at the beer list:

POTUS: Bud Light
VPOTUS: Bucklers
Gates: Sam Adams Light
Crowley: Blue Moon

A complete division among the particpants.  What can we divine from this?  I think it’s pretty obvious that the divisions between the races are as large as ever, as well as the fact that even Vice President Joe Biden has become convinced that Barack Obama is on the verge of tyranny.  It’s all written right there.  In the beers.  And Bud Light?  Reeks of elitism.  So effete.