It is Friday Isn’t it?

Music Night seems like it needs a little bit of horse into the arm. I apologize for the poor quality of this one but it sure as hell is better than that Orchestral Manoveurs in The Dark tune I considered… Come on gang lay down some tunes that I can enjot at the crack of dawn…

5 thoughts on “It is Friday Isn’t it?

  1. Ah the “Bluedy Moos” !

    No clever musical offerings spring to my mind:at the moment.
    I just finished watching Rachel Maddow. She had reformed religious right winger (I forgot his first name) Shaeffer on, asked him a question about what all the hitler/nazi rhetoric being used really means and he spoke clearly but passionately and continuously for five (?) minutes about it.

    Basically he said this:
    “I know these people well because my father and I helped create them. They are ignorant and brainwashed and to quote Bart Simpson the 2008 election “broke their brains” ( Shaeffer actually used that).
    They are angry not about policy but about the broken promises of their conservative leadership but they can’t admit it so they have to take their anger out on Obama and the Democrats.
    And they have been encouraged by the painting of Obama as Hitler and the Democrats as Nazis and then that symbolism gives them cause to not just oppose the new declared embodiment of evil–Hitler and the Nazis in 21st Century forms of Obama and the Democrats—but to stop them dead.
    And they are being encouraged by the GOP and Limbaugh and Glen Beck to believe not only that their fears are real and their opposition is just, but that intimidation and ultimately violence is necessary.
    And as long as they are goaded and encouraged by this rhetoric and approval then the odds will increase that someone will pick up one of the guns they bought because Obama was supposedly going to ‘take them away’, and start shooting–believing that they will be praised for “saving America” or some such crap, by killing a Democratic politician or Obama, I’m not kidding. they are being primed to commit assassination.”

    And that was really the entire segment.

  2. From the Hughes movie Sixteen Candles:
    “Lenny” by Stevie Ray Vaughn

    Info courtesy of the uploader, FabioSici.
    “The song itself was written and named for his wife at the time, Lenora. Vaughan also named one of his guitars “Lenny”. He used this guitar during the song “Lenny” and also ‘Riviera Paradise’.”

    Riviera Paradise is my personal favorite SRV song.

  3. If you want tunes you can enjoy at the crack of Dawn, you need to ask her what she likes.

    Nick Heyward – Whistle Down The Wind also from Sixteen Candles. This singer was formerly with “Haircut 100”? I thought this song was very smooth and relaxing.

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