The Cowardice of Conservatives

News Hounds has uncovered a gem. If you want to know what today’s Conservatives are like, just listen to the people who claim to speak for them. Now, I have a hard time understanding how Conservatives think (which inspired me to write “Conservative” below), and I just can’t reconcile the nonsense I hear out of people like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, and the philosophy of Conservatism I heard preached by conservative giants like Barry Goldwater. One thing Goldwater always said Conservatism was about was Continue reading


Conservatives. What are you gonna do? You can’t reason with them, and you can’t take away their guns and shoot them with them. Not that I would want to. Shoot them with them. But you can’t reason with them. They just don’t operate from the same set of facts that we do. We liberals tend to believe that something is true because it can be proven to be true. But listening to today’s conservatives (of all stripes), it’s as if they believe something is true because enough people believe it to be true, regardless of whether or not it actually is true. And it is from this point of view that they debate things. Not from facts, but from beliefs. And it simply does not matter to them if whatever they believe is not actually true, as long as it supports the rest of their argument, they believe that their argument has merit. I admit that you can sometimes give them credit for following a proper chain of logic based on the propositions they put forth, but even then they sometimes veer from the strict discipline of logic and try to use their conclusion as their proof. But since their propositions are often wrong from the start, it makes no difference how reasonable they sound, they’re still wrong! (Or, if they’re right, it’s for the wrong reasons.) And so I wrote this song to them. I hope you like it.

Original words and music “Conquistador” by Procol Harum, 1967
Additional lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider, 2009

Conservative, your argument’s in need of scrutiny
And with some devil’s talking points you speak of certainty
I see your litmus paper test
Has long since come to mean
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Alabama Sheriff Asks Governor To Send In National Guard During $4.1M Budget Cut

Without state aid, he wrote in a letter to Riley, his office “cannot provide the level of public safety that residents of Jefferson County deserve and expect.”

“If state funding of deputies’ salaries is not an option, then I must call upon you to activate the National Guard,” the letter to Riley said.

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Gibbs: Rush Should Be “On Thin Ice” For Nazi Comments

Gibbs says: “I think anytime you make references to what happened in Germany in the ’30’s and ’40’s. I think you’re talking about an event that has no equivalent.  I think anytime anyone ventures to compare anything to that – they’re on thin ice.”

The Watering Hole: August 8, Nixon Resigns

On this date in 1974, Richard M. Nixon, the 37th president of the United States, announced that he would resign as president, effective at noon the next day. Unlike Sarah Palin, Nixon found the idea of resigning before his term was finished as “abhorrent”. The first video was the few minutes before Nixon delivered his speech (something he referred to as “the broadcast”.) The next two videos are the speech itself.

This is today’s Open Thread and you can either remember Nixon fondly or talk about anything else.

Five minutes before he resigned…

Resignation speech Part I:

Resignation speech Part II:

This is the Health Care Status Quo the GOP wants to Protect

I admit, I couldn’t watch more than a third of the video. People who have given up their right to think are mindlessly yelling GOP talking points to disrupt townhall and other informative debates on health care reform. In so doing, they act to protect a for-profit system that causes needless suffering and kills their fellow Americans.

Feel free to post your thoughts and experiences below.

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