Alabama Sheriff Asks Governor To Send In National Guard During $4.1M Budget Cut

Without state aid, he wrote in a letter to Riley, his office “cannot provide the level of public safety that residents of Jefferson County deserve and expect.”

“If state funding of deputies’ salaries is not an option, then I must call upon you to activate the National Guard,” the letter to Riley said.

The sheriff said the budget cut likely will force him to begin laying off deputies in early September. Deputies providing security at the county courthouse, where the commission’s offices are located, will be among those to go, he said. Lt. Randy Christian, a sheriff’s office spokesman, said as many as 188 deputies and 300 civilians out of more than 700 employees may be laid off. That would leave just enough workers to staff the county’s two jails.

3 thoughts on “Alabama Sheriff Asks Governor To Send In National Guard During $4.1M Budget Cut

  1. If the National Guard is called out, it is done with a status of “State Active Duty”. They are entitled to be paid. I doubt the state saves any money trading the Guard for the appropriately trained Sheriff ‘s Department personnel. The Jefferson County employees should be in proration just like all other state agencies.Rather than cut jobs, they should cut all salaries by the same percentage.

  2. Interesting that Alabama is having such budget troubles when they rank #7 on the federal spending list, receiving $1.66 back for each tax dollar paid.

    They should go ahead and plead their case to California, who gets $.78 back for each of their hundreds of billions of dollars paid, and is facing a nearly $30 billion budget shortfall.

  3. The PA Democratic controlled State Legislature voted to have their paychecks held until all State employees receive a paycheck. The Republican controlled State Senate called “foul”. Of course, the Republicans were upset because they are in a heated dispute with the Democratic Governor, Ed Rendell and the Democratic Legislature over the State budget. Pennsylvania does not have a State budget for the new fiscal year.

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