A sleeping giant…?

I’m sure Ms Abram means well, but it’s truly astonishing that she is so ill-informed.

She’s “only 35 years old,” so that means she was of voting age during the Bush years, 9/11, illegal wiretapping and surveillance, the anthrax attacks, the on-going Afghanistan and Iraq wars, Katrina, etc.  But now that health care reform is on the table — a program that clearly would help her own family — her ears have perked up.  NOW she’s terrified.

Lawrence O’Donnell was quite gentle with her, and thankfully so, because he could have eviscerated this low information voter.  Of course, I’m assuming she has voted…

The Daily Show: Healther Skelter

Enraged Americans use town hall meetings to voice their anger over the health care process, and Sarah Palin speaks out against Obama’s plan to kill her baby.

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Samantha Bee fights for private death panels, John Oliver believes in universal death panels, and Aasif Mandvi wants whatever scares the public most.

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Maddow Reveals The True Intentions Of FreedomWorks Anti-Healthcare Reform

The conservatives don’t have solutions, in fact, they don’t even want this conversation to even take place.  The Tea Party organizers view this as a chance “to realistically kill Obama’s agenda.”

FreedomWorks is an organization which continually shows up on the “grassroots” websites against health care reform.  They admit they are co-partners to all Tea Party Patriots.  FreedomWorks is making sure the discussion at all town hall meetings gets disrupted or completely shut down, so there’s no chance at having any actual debate or discussion on health care reform.

Rachel did another awesome show!!

President Obama Dispels Myth Of “Death Panels” At NH Town Hall

President Obama said, “it turns out that this I guess rose out of a provision in one of the House bills that allowed Medicare to reimburse people for consultations about end of life care” as well as living wills, hospice care, and the like. The “intention,” the president said, was to help patients prepare for “end of life on their own terms.”

President Obama said the “irony” is that one of the chief sponsors of this idea was Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., who “sensibly thought this would expand peoples’ options.”