A sleeping giant…?

I’m sure Ms Abram means well, but it’s truly astonishing that she is so ill-informed.

She’s “only 35 years old,” so that means she was of voting age during the Bush years, 9/11, illegal wiretapping and surveillance, the anthrax attacks, the on-going Afghanistan and Iraq wars, Katrina, etc.  But now that health care reform is on the table — a program that clearly would help her own family — her ears have perked up.  NOW she’s terrified.

Lawrence O’Donnell was quite gentle with her, and thankfully so, because he could have eviscerated this low information voter.  Of course, I’m assuming she has voted…

37 thoughts on “A sleeping giant…?

  1. O’Donnell was quite gentle with her. Much gentler than she was with her U.S.-is-becoming-Russia diatribe she threw at Spector.

    • How about that “having faith in her government” bit, Paul? Until the scary black man with health care reform that would really help her family is heading the government, that is.

  2. If she had a map, she could plot her escape.

    I agree that O’Donnell was generously kind to her, considering that she clearly did not know what she was talking about. She complained about having to pay mroe in taxes, but doesn;t know if she makes enough money to have hwer taxes raised under Obama’s plan. Her husband takes care of those things.

    The very real challenge that the left has in this country is that the right does not debate with facts. They don’t even debate any more come to think of it, they just show up to yell. Rational discourse is, literally, impossible because there is no discourse going on, and there is no agreed upon set of facts from which both sides can work. And besides, the other side is interested in not having any reform at all, so we’re not even at square one yet.

  3. Wait one minute… this town hall took place in Lebanon, PA and this woman is NOT from the area. I’m familiar with the local dialect and she doesn’t have it. This woman is a plant. After all, there was a busload of people that arrived at this event. She was probably on it.

  4. Cats, I did a people search on “Abram” in Lebanon, and sure enough, there is a “Kary” and a “Sam” on Noble St, Lebanon, PA.

    She’s either a slick one, going under the pseudonym “Katy” or the white pages misspelled her name.

  5. She said “We want our country back!” This is the same as “We want our neighborhood back.” They just can’t stand having a black man in the White House. It all reeks of hate.

  6. She admitted that she had to stay at a friend’s house and then she went on to say that she knew people that went on “missions” which means that she is home schooled. The “fundy” churches of which there are many in that part of PA may have organized getting “Katy’s” to this town hall. It wouldn’t surprise me. Katy is probably waiting for the Rapture. She sure is one dull blade.

  7. I cross-posted this at TP, but my mother always taught me “share and you’ll make friends.”

    Katy and Sam appeared on *gasp* Hannity last night. Here’s the clip. The interview with the Abrams begins at about 3:07, and she’s crying by 3:28.

    She says that she doesn’t need people calling her on her cell phone to call her a racist. Hannity is appalled! Asks if that’s happened a lot to her today! Well, it’s happened once. She says she doesn’t know how the person got her cell phone number. Um, Katy? Maybe it’s someone you know!

    Hannity claims that people like himself and Katy are referred to as Nazis and Brownshirts. Uh, I think that’s how the WhiteWing is referring to the Left! Unless I’ve misjudged which side of the discussion the people wearing the Swastikas and holding signs of Obama with a Hitler mustache are on.

    Katy also claims that “this is not what the Constitution wrote”. I’d have to agree with her because I’m not aware that the Constitution wrote anything.

    Oh, and Katy was a Democrat, voted for Clinton twice (she thinks…) and was for “abortion and all that stuff” before she met her husband.

    And best for last: Katy was a journalist! This inarticulate know-nothing was part of the media elite. Palin II.

  8. My nickname for her is “Jill The Plumber”. They sure talk the same BS, in fact, it is almost identical….especially the part about the 250/k.

  9. spencersmom, it’s the Sarah Palin flu sweeping the country. A pandemic of stupidity by the religious right wingnuts!

  10. Cats and FReb, I don’t know where she came from, but I’m sure hoping she goes back to where ever soon.

    Why are the smart people kept away from the microphones, edited out of the event coverage and ignored by the talk shows? If these are “average Americans” I can’t help thinking that most Americans watch and think to themselves, “Well, at least I’m smarter than that one!”

  11. Spencersmom…I don’t believe an “average” person of high intelligence would want to do a talk show. They don’t need their 15 minutes of fame to prove anything to themselves. But, for people like Joe the plumber, (that’s who she reminds me of) it’s all about cashing in on the fame and seeing themselves on youtube. I still can’t believe someone gave him a book deal….

  12. I don’t know, freedomrebel, there are plenty of people on these boards with a good deal of information and critical thinking skills who would do at least as well as the pundits when it comes to speaking about the issues.

    I’m not saying they want or need the attention, but I think John Q. Public could learn something by seeing Average Americans with IQs above 80 discussing issues instead of Mr. and Mrs. Moron Whiner from the right grabbing the spotlight for whatever their reasons.

    I wish Rachel had a bigger audience because she’s one of the few who speaks the truth, has the facts to back it up, and adds a sprinkling of snark as commentary, not as spin.

  13. Oh, and NotJoetheNotPlumber’s was a self-published book, IIRC. He tried to cash in on his 15 minutes, actually did for awhile, but since he announced he was leaving the party that launched his “career” (starter wife sort of thing) I haven’t heard from him. Which is just fine with me!

  14. Oh yes! Let us return this Country back to the way the founding fathers created it! Repeal the 13th, 14th, 15th and 19th Amendments! Bring back Slavery, take away equal voting rights and womens suffrage! Only white males get the right to vote, and a black person is counted as only 3/5ths of a white person.

    Heck, repeal every Amendment to the Constitution after the 1st ten!

    Let us return to the days when businesses were unregulated, there was no minimum wage, no child labor laws, no unemployment, no disability, no workers’ compensation, no health insurance, no overtime.

    Let us repeal these laws, and social security and medicare.

    Or, maybe we could just allow people to opt out. Women and minorities in the Republican Party should be able to waive their right to vote under the 15th and 19th Amendments, just as one may waive his or her 5th Amendment rights against self-incrimination.


  15. BnF,

    If we’re going to keep the first ten amendments, we have to keep the 27th, too. It was one of twelve amendments submitted to the states at the same time. Ten were ratified, one never was, and the last one was ratified in the ’90s. It’s the one that says no increase in the pay of Senators and Reps can take effect until an election of Reps had intervened. (It was intended to keep Congress Critters from voting themselves a pay raise. If the voters didn’t like what they did, they could vote them out and the Congress Critter would not get the benefit of the pay raise he voted for himself. I think they tried to get around that by passing a law with automatic pay raises, but I question the constitutionality of that law. I guess my argument centers around the phrase “take effect”. But I can’t go into it here, as I have to get back to work.)

    See you tonight, everyone.

  16. Are we sure that “Katy Abrams” is her real name? She does a good job of representing the mental midgets that live in Pennsyltucky. This is the “guns and jesus” crowd that have a strong belief in The Rapture and creationism.

  17. Oh, how lucky! We had a little visit from a troll who voted down every post.

    Katy, is that you? I’m surprised you figured out how the thumbs down works all by your little self!

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