Poor Glenn Beck

Glenn is not having a great summer is he? Advertisers are abandoning his show because of his  comments about President Obama being a racist and many other absurdities.  But now Jon Stewart shows him directly contradicting himself.  Oops.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

4 thoughts on “Poor Glenn Beck

  1. The problem is that Glenn Beck really doesn’t care or care to remember what he says. Makes no matter to him. I’m sure he would look at this and say something like “Who was that other guy? It wasn’t me”.

    Like the people who cream-their-jeans at his every word, Beck has the attention span of an ADHD 8-year old, the desire to hump the scare of the day with a vigour of a Jack Russel – envied all the way by Lou ‘get the girls in front of my desk so we can see their long legs and I don’t have any male reporters on my show’ Dobbs. He is matched in his sociopathy by only Sociopath-In-Chief George WFT Bush.

  2. Thomas Paine would give Beck the time of day.

    Just read that Travelocity has dumped Beck. Gee, if this keeps up, the only sponsors that Beck will have is local pizza shops and local car dealers.

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