David Vitter: Economic Terrorist

That’s no hyperbole. Louisiana Senator David Vitter has stated that his desire to re-import drugs from Canada isn’t meant to help lower the cost Americans pay for their prescriptions, but rather to implode the Canadian system in order to force them to adopt the free market — and pathetically inadequate — system we have in America.  Via TPM:

The central Louisiana newspaper The Town Talk reports that Vitter was asked at a town hall meeting about the fact that he opposes government health care, but supports re-importing prescription drugs from, as a constituent said, “countries that have socialized medicine.” Vitter has campaigned in the past on re-importing drugs from Canada.

“My ultimate goal,” Vitter explained, “is to use that (re-importation) to cause that (pricing) system to collapse.”

Nothing like a senator attempting to force his free market dogma onto a government which he has no authority over.  What a proud day for his constituents, who probably believe that each country has a right to govern their own affairs.  Is it okay to just go ahead and call this guy and nutcase and an asshole?  I hope so, because that’s what I just did.