The Watering Hole: August 25 – Walt Kelly

Walter Crawford Kelly, Jr born on this date in 1913  and known as Walt Kelly was a cartoonist notable for his comic strip Pogo featuring creatures that inhabited Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp.

As always, the Watering Hole is a thread open to all for consent and dissent, just keep it clean!

The most famous quotation to arise from this strip is, “Yep, son. we have met the enemy and he is us” (a paraphrase of Commodore Perry’s famous “We have met the enemy and they are ours” from the War of 1812):


26 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: August 25 – Walt Kelly

  1. Walt Kelly was the greatest cartoonist of all time, IMO, closely followed by Bill Watterson. If not for Pogo, Calvin & Hobbes would never have existed — just put a panel of Albert & Pogo next to one of the kid and his tiger.

  2. pogo was such a great comic strip. i grew up reading it and was quite saddened when it ended.

  3. I wore out my Pogo books as a kid and a few years ago I started picking up copies in good condition. I also bought the giant boxed edition of Calvin for something like $100.

  4. Turtle is following the continued posing and squirming taking place in the UK over the release of the only man convicted of anything for the Lockerbie bombing

    Operation Ingratiation with Libya is a storming success…..

    Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s to-do-list last week:
    1. Business deals with Libya given a nice boost – check
    2. Scottish political rivals smeared in poo – check
    3. Plausible deniability that I had anything to do with it because Scottish judicial law is not controlled by me – check
    4. Obama administration shown that it has no influence over UK affairs – check

  5. It’s not as bad as when I was in school! I paid over $70 for my final semester at Texas A&M.

  6. I was an instructor for the Physics department at that same time. That department provided the books for the courses I taught – they were special editions with daily lesson plans and the like.

    • Walt, is that Texas A&M in College Station? My nephew is going to go there. Some kind of rocket scientist-type program. I hope they don’t require that the students have a personality. 😉

  7. Zooey,
    When I went there, the only option was the Corps of Cadets – old Army.
    The only personality trait required was sadism – there was hazing at the time which never lifted during the freshman (fish) year.
    The real benefit at the time was that the A&M comp center was allied with NASA (90 miles down the road). A&M had the space for the center, near Houston, and NASA had the budget to buy the machines. I actually had 9 job offers from NASA when I graduated, but decided on IBM because I had grown to love computers when at A&M.

  8. db,
    I got about a million Google hits with “education digital portfolio software” as a search argument, but then, I was a rocket scientist.

  9. Calvin and Hobbes. My all time favorite (with Walt a very close 2nd) mainly because I could really relate to Calvin and I had a son I think Watterson used as a template.

    My favorite strip was where Calvin went on about people talking weird stuff on the TV box and acting very strange. He wondered what he would have to do to get a show where he could get paid big bucks for acting like a 6 year old.

  10. WaltTheMan:
    I got about the same myself. What I need is someone with experience with the pros and cons of different options.

  11. I think we need to come up with a new flag. Sort of like the one with the rattlesnake and ‘Don’t Tread On Me!’

    Only this time lets put a teabagger with “Don’t Spend On Me!” They could be depicted handing bundles of cash out to everyone but America.

  12. db,
    Ask a Republican – they know everything. I could merely do research, but, so can you and we’d come up with disparate conclusions.

  13. TommytheTurtle is modelling his life on Calvin…. he reads and quotes in situations he thinks appropriate… and the night he tried shaving and cut himself because ‘no one messes with a 6-year that shaves’…. I almost wet my pants.

  14. One of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes was when Calvin’s parents come outside to find that their snow-covered front lawn has been turned into funhouse of horrors, with various snowmen strewn about in different death scenes (sticks coming out of the heart, one snowman apparently cut in two by the family minivan, snowmen murdering each other.) The parents are horrified speechless.

  15. Just heard on BBC that Senator Edward Kennedy has passed away. What a shame he won’t see his dream of universal healthcare enacted now. May he rest in peace knowing we won’t give up his cause.

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