Ted Kennedy Jr remembers his best friend

“Our family vacations left us injured and exhausted.”


You will be missed, Senator Kennedy.  By family and friends…

7 thoughts on “Ted Kennedy Jr remembers his best friend

      • I just finished watching the rest of the funeral procession ending at Arlington. I can’t remember ever being so moved before.. Especially when he read the letter that Ted Kennedy wrote to the Pope, and following that, the words from the oldest grand-daughter. I have a whole new respect for this man. There are few people who serve others with such dedication and for so long. His dedication to his family is amazing. What an inspiration. I am still tearing. He wasn’t perfect. None of us are. Yet, he worked so very hard to serve and atone for his failings. I couldn’t believe the story about how he went, without fanfare (or press), to read with kids at an elementary school with disadvantaged kids every week. Again, he did it to serve. No other reason. He touched so very many peoples’ lives. He SAW and fought for those without much, those who had the greatest needs, to the very end. They weren’t invisible to him (like so many politicians). What a legacy.

        To have so many people who loved and respected him, he had to have done a lot of good with his life. That is how he should be remembered.

        May he rest in peace.

  1. I like many have had ups and downs with my father. My father will be gone some day not so long from now. I wondered what I would say…

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