The Watering Hole: August 31 – The Iriquois Confederacy

On this date in 1142 AD, the Iriquois Confederacy was founded in what is now Upstate New York Their flag is depicted below.

By the time Europeans (Illegal aliens?) dropped in on their territory, this confederation had existed for nearly half a millennium. Its charter was created about halfway between the Battle of Hastings and  the Magna Carta.

15 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: August 31 – The Iriquois Confederacy

  1. Ruling Conservatives Crushed in Japan Vote

    “The euphoria of the night before, when his Democratic Party of Japan [DPJ] secured 308 out of 480 seats in the lower house, quickly gave way to the business of addressing record unemployment and deflation as Japan struggles to emerge from its worst recession since the second world war.”

    The conservatives, known as the “Liberal Democratic Party” were defeated overwhelmingly by the “Democratic Party of Japan”. Apparently conservatives in Japan have had their own Frank Luntz for quite a long time.

    I almost linked to an AP story for this, but saw it in time.

    Every year I look forward to the end of August, in much the same way as our northern friends look forward to the end of the snow season.

    Where is everybody?

    • Good morning, House.

      Don’t worry about linking to AP stories, that shouldn’t be a problem. We just don’t use them for source stories, since they get all tetchy.

  2. I’m not using AP or the Murdoch empire any more since they are threatening to charge for content. Give them no hits! The link I had was CBS News, but it was from AP originally.

  3. HoR,

    Thanks for the link. I don’t know (and still don’t) much off the politics in Japan. A few things from the story though, the Liberal Democratic Party was conservative? Sounds like it was named by Rove and they were trying to avoid being blamed for the poor economic conditions.

    Loosing over 200 seats – that’s amazing. I guess that’s possible when the MSM and powerful family and vested interests don’t fix the election.

    Women gaining 54 seats, still seems kind of small being they won over 300, but sounds like a solid move in the right direction.

    As for Japan, here I was eating breakfast and thinking how the snacks are so much better in a Japanese market than anywhere else – and how Chinese bakeries are the better than the competition, while I’m eating my chinese pastry.

  4. Dayanmao,

    “Sounds like it was named by Rove…”
    That’s what the Frank Luntz part of my comment was about. He’s the one who comes up with all the focus-group-tested slogans for the GOP.

  5. Well, I found out why my schedule changed, we are off with pay Friday! They used a floating holiday and forgot to tell us! So this week and next we are on eight hours both shifts.

    Bank Bailouts Show $4B in Profit

    “Nearly a year after the federal rescue of the nation’s biggest banks, taxpayers have begun seeing profits from the hundreds of billions of dollars in aid that many critics thought might never be seen again.”

    I would be enthused about this, if I didn’t fear that the Federal Reserve wasn’t loaning them the money at zero interest while the FDIC is running out of money to cover insolvent banks. Also, most of the toxic assets are still in limbo, and the credit default swaps taken out on the same toxic assets have yet to be settled. I think we have just kicked the can down the sidewalk in front of us.

  6. House, it is even worse. Those banks took the bailout money at zero interest and leveraged it through use at various interests to make the money.

    It is time to nationalize those banks and jail the pirates in charge.

  7. The bailout money was supposed to buy the toxic assets, to free up the credit markets, but instead, they used it for everything else. They are borrowing the money from the Fed, at zero interest, and loaning it to the Treasury, at nearly six percent interest, to prop up the economy as we go into deeper debt.
    But without a changed trade policy, to encourage making things here, the monetary policy is just re-inflating the bubble, so call it a balloon economy. It inflates and deflates, with the priviledged making money in both directions.

  8. Bill Moyer’s said he ‘d rather Obama quit trying to act like F.D.R. and act like Teddy Roosevelt instead regarding the financial crisis.

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