It’s music night!

Let’s start with something out of my league — Hoagie Carmichael sings “Hong Kong Blues.”

We want to know what music you like, so post your favorite YouTube music in the comments section.  Enjoy!


Script boy!

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Another insightful rant by Guest Blogger, Hoodathunk (Story Time), this time taking on political and religious hypocrisy.

‘Time for a rewrite, this scene just isn’t working.’  There’s an old

saying that the pen is mightier than the sword.  There is something even mightier — the eraser.  Or, in this age, White Out.  (It is called that because paper is white and ink comes in many colors but that’s another rant).  We are seeing a movement today aimed at rewriting history on many levels.  Modern history by portraying the actions of the previous administration as glorious and noble, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.  And early American history so that the founding fathers who, almost to a man, were pretty much secular humanists according to the existing historical records which include reams of personal writings from all of them become staunch supporters of modern day Christianists.

This practice is not a new one, particularly when politics and Christianity mix.  Back some 1,500 years ago Christianity got its big leg up into the political arena when Constantine decided it would be a great idea to have a popular religion backing his political power.  He gathered up a bunch of bishops and scholars and tasked them with coming up with a codification of teachings that the general population could get behind and hence behind him.  So they vetted the existing writings, picked the ones they thought would work and came up with the beginnings of the Bible as we know it today.  They did this under God’s watchful eye, immersing themselves in holiness while they hung out as the Emperor’s guests.  (Did I mention they then tried to destroy all the existing copies of the writings they deemed unworthy?) Continue reading

The Watering Hole: September 4 – Google Inc.

On this date in 1998, Google Inc. was founded by  Larry Page and Sergey Brin , then  students at Stanford University. The company was incorporated then as a privately held company.

Its search engine services provided the crux for the company’s emergence. A maturing product list is here.

‘Googled’ has become a past tense verb in NET blogs. Google provided the theme (TryGooglingThis) for a recent (6/6/2008)  NYTimes crossword puzzle.

Google CHROME® is the up and coming Web browser that is entering Internet Express’  turf as a default browser for OEM manufacturers. It offers speed and simplicity. Learning  (Actually unlearning.) curve is about two weeks.

Note: Google® is a registered trademark of Google Inc.