Of Missile Shields and Missive Spiels

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Predictably, the minute President Obama announces a policy shift from the Bush Administration, NeoCons reflexively denounce Obama using the tried and true tactic of lying and altering history. Last night on Real Time with Bill Maher was no exception as Matthew Continetti, (a new face/stand-in for Bill Kristol, also of the Weekly Standard) made the unrebutted assertion that Poland and the Czech Republic wanted the “Missile Shield” that Obama recently discontinued. Did they really?

Not quite, according to an excellent article written in the Spring of 2008:

Concerned that hosting a US missile base will put them on the frontline of a new confrontation with Russia, the majority of Poles now oppose siting the interceptors in their country.

The same was true of the Czech Republic. However, as long as Bush was willing to pay any price, their governments were willing to go along with the deal, even though it was causing great divisions amongst NATO allies.

As late as August of 2008, the BBC reported,

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has signed an agreement with the Czech government to build the radar station at Brdy, south-west of Prague, but this has to be ratified by parliament.

The Czech government will need the support of some opposition parties to see the measure through. Meanwhile, there is significant public resistance to the plan, with 100,000 people signing a petition calling for a referendum on the issue. Opinion polls indicate that about two-thirds of Czechs do not want the project to go ahead.

Once again, a NeoCon makes a point by lying about the facts. That he went unchallenged on his assertion is regrettable, but understandable. One cannot possibly have enough documentary evidence readily on hand to instantly disprove every lie the NeoCons make; there’s just too many lies, and it’s too easy to lie, forcing the opposition to take time to research the truth. Meanwhile, the lie is out there, and a third of the population believes the lie, regardless.

3 thoughts on “Of Missile Shields and Missive Spiels

  1. The neocon talking points were well distributed on the interceptor non-deployment. Continetti, Monica Crowley (on McLaughlin Group), and Charles Krauthammer (Inside Washington), all made the same points last night, so expect to see more of the same meme tomorrow. Only “Uncle Pat” Buchanan was out of the loop, actually praising the Obama Administration for the prudent course, but before the end of McLaughlin, he had apparently recieved enough sharp looks from Crowley that he was backpedaling and agreeing with her.

    Seems that when Obama does exactly what Gates and the Pentagon recommend, it isn’t good enough for the ‘cons. The objection now is he didn’t get more in the bargain from Putin for the non-deployment.

  2. Excellent post BnF!

    If I might add another tidbit. Netanyahu has visited Russia recently.

    Earlier Wednesday, a senior Jerusalem official had confirmed that Prime Minister Netanyahu visited Russia on Monday in order to discuss the Kremlin’s arms deals with Iran and Syria, and the transfer of Russian military hardware to Hezbollah.

    Netanyahu’s trip was kept secret and within the prime minister’s bureau and only the military affairs secretary, General Meir Kalifi and national security advisor, Uzi Arad were privy to details of the trip. Both men accompanied Netanyahu to Moscow.

    Obama will likely get a lot more out of scrapping the missile shield than what meets the eye. Russia undoubtedly is a key player in Iran’s drive for a nuclear weapon and the armament of Syria. Russia will need an incentive to support the west against nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and Obama gave them just that. If Iran is still further away from the bomb than they are claimed to be now and make no discernible steps towards it anymore, Israel will lose a very strong argument for their resistance against the Middle East peace initiative, which obviously is under way again. Given the decisive change in US-Israeli relations lately I expect more pressure on Israel to return to the negotiating table. Getting Russia, if not on his side, so at least away from Iran’s side is a smart move by Obama and may ultimately help in the Middle East, too.

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