Onward, Christian Soldiers

There are those who fear our government is indoctrinating our school children to worship President Obama. They quickly point to the evils of indoctrination under Hitler, Stalin, and Kim Jong Il. Fear the Madrassa; love the Jesus Camp:

Perhaps this is the way all American school children should be taught regarding how to feel towards the President of the United States:

3 thoughts on “Onward, Christian Soldiers

  1. BnF, to me all this outcry is just one more example of their projectionism. They know they are doing it and why and figure that is the motivation behind anyone who does something even remotely similar.

    Every tactic, every cry of outrage and fear is based in their insecurity, that sooner or later, it will become general public knowledge that the reason they are so knowledgeable about these things is from years of practice.

  2. Indoctrination is what these Christian Taliban do. They insist that everything they see, hear and do be related to the canon of their God as preached-to them and as they in turn preach.

    To be indoctrinated is to wholly submit to an ethos, to an authority which must not be questioned. Indoctrination demands a methodology and constant reinforcement.

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