Sunday Roast: The Supersizers Eat the 20s

This week, Giles and Sue eat and dance their way through the Roaring Twenties. Ā A time of fast living, large alcohol intake, curve-less women, psychoanalysis, and Camembert in aspic.

Part 1 of 6 (each about 10 minutes long)

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Next week, the French Revolution!

32 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: The Supersizers Eat the 20s

  1. hoodthunk,

    God likes barbecued beef/lamb/goat/small boys/heathens.
    It was because God favored Abe”s barbecue offering over Cain’s sauteed vegetable offering that Cain killed Abel.

    I haven’t had Camembert in Aspic, it sounds a bit pointless.

    But Camembert baked in the round box it comes in and then spread on real bread with blackcurrant or blackberry or black cherry compote is ‘teh poo!’

    What is andouille sausage?


  2. Anything in aspic sort of gags me but it is more due to a pyschologically traumatic shrimp in tomato aspic incident some years ago. I do have some andouille in the freezer I have been meaning to use. Sadly okra is sort of hard to get around here…

  3. Andouille sausage is Louisiana’s answer to bratwurst. Sausage with snap.

    db, as someone who has a well stocked kitchen, do you include cardamom and grains of paradise?

  4. hoodathunk,

    God a carnivore? No, carnivores just kill as necessary. God is a sadist.
    I can’t believe you don’t know this already. Have you been living in the bolus of a dormant volcano in Borneo all your life? šŸ˜€

    Aspic is really just gelatinized ‘jus, or rather it should be. It’s great with a pate.

    My mother would make a basic chicken liver pate’ with unsalted butter and some mixed pepper) and then make the aspic out of plain gelatin, some of the blood from the livers and a bit of chicken-stock cube (which is quite salty).

  5. Eeeww, I have trouble with the snot that comes out of those canned ham thingies.

    And Gawd isn’t really a sadist. Just has a warped sense of humor. Ask any platypus.

  6. oh, tomato aspic sounds like crap to me.

    I’d also point out that Jello ™ is a made from boiled rubber bands and Play-Doh.

    In the UK gelatin was natural, extracted from cows hooves. You could buy it in a segmented brick, plain or flavored with actual fruit juice and in that form it was like a gum drop.
    To make a fancy jelly or use it in a trifle, you just melted it in hot water and then poured the liquid in the bowl and chilled it solid again. That way for instance you could mix-in some real fruit pieces–and liqueurs of course.

  7. hoodathunk,

    yes the canned ham aspic is snot, I agree.
    you have to think of aspic like a broth–it needs some flavor and if you don’t make it yourself as a recipe then its just basically just phlegm.

  8. While I love to cook and experiment with new things, for me, jello/gelatin will always be reserved for fruity flavors and fun deserts and I will try not to think of where it actually comes from. And while some may want to mix it with things other than fruit, I will pass.

  9. The Aspicians of Mesopotamia (2780-2770 BCE).

    Contemporaries of the Sumerians who invented everything important at that time, the Aspicians were left only with discarded calves hooves from which to make their mark as a distinct civilization.

    • Can you imagine? Roast rat in aspic, bread in aspic, aspic in aspic, dishes and cups made of aspic, swords and shields made of aspic, hats of aspic, sandals of aspic…

      Good, slippery, bouncy fun! It’s the solution to war!

  10. ok, the aspic swords do sound like fun. Ha, Black Knight, take this jello sword to the heart. Laugh if you will, I know you are allergic to strawberries so may the hives have you.

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