The Watering Hole: October 3 – Buffalo Wings

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On this date in 1964 Buffalo wings were served for the first time ever at the Anchor Bar on Main Street in Buffalo, NY by Teressa Belissimo, co-owner of the Anchor Bar with her husband Frank.

The Anchor Bar - Image by Darmon

The Anchor Bar - Image by Darmon

Wings served in Buffalo are usually unbreaded, while national restaurants tend to sell breaded wings livened up with hot spices, Cajun or Caribbean-style jerk. Others bread their wings and then toss them in a mixture of seasonings, varying from hot to mild, or offer a choice of sauces on the side. The sauces usually have names that range from the enticing to outright threats.


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  1. I been to the Anchor. Back in the early 90’s. It was a great bar with a pubby atmosphere.

    The only problem I have with buffalo wings is that I feel bad for all those poor buffalo who can’t fly anymore.

  2. I have one observation about “hot wings”, if you can’t tell you’re eating chicken, then what’s the point? Might as well gargle with the sauce, by itself.

  3. Well considering how bland commercially raised chickens are I would guess people are trying to make it taste like something.

    I used to work short order at a corner bar in upstate NY. We would all stay after closing for a few pops. I once made like 2 dozen wings and walked home with them. Subsequently I passed out in bed with them. Sometime around 6:45 am I awoke with those things rubbed all over me and the sauce in my eyes, hair, and face. It was not cool!

  4. I thought buffalo wings might be more enjoyable when served in “Hooters”.

    They aren’t.

    minimum taste, minimum portions for maximum mess.

  5. The first time I had Buffalo wings was in a brewpub in northern California. The owner had played for the Bills and said that he and others on the team would scout out “all you can eat wing nights” and show up at those bars. That’s got to be a mixed blessing for pub owners–cool that the local football team is hanging out and disaster that these huge monsters are eating all your wings.

    Wings done properly have plenty of chicken taste, ya skeptics.

  6. I’ve probably made more than I’ve consumed. But house has a point, if there’s so much hot sauce what’s the point?

    In Boston there used to be (and probably still is) a place called Chef Chang’s Kitchen. The most amazing Schezuan restaraunt in the U.S.

    I’d go every weekend with my girlfriend and order spicey dishes. They’d ask how hot, and I’d say HOT. After a while they got to know us and they’d deliver the food to the table with steam pooring off and your eyes would just water like tears down your face from the spice.

    Man that was good. Some spices add to the flavor and others don’t. I know it’s a person’s particular taste. I love hot chineses food, but can’t too well stomach hot mexican food (too many jalopenos for me).

  7. Now you’ve gone and made me hungry.

    BTW, if your into old “classic” horror movies, tonight on TMC there’s Mad Love with Peter Lorre (one of my all time favorites). And if you’ve never seen it, you should catch M next time it airs.

  8. dayanmao,

    TCM has Mad Love at 6:45 am central according to my listings.

    I’m the opposite, I like milder Chinese food, and spicier Mexican. Buffets are best.

  9. House,

    It’s funny how tastes run. There’s another spice used in the local schezuan restaraunts that’s very similar to cloves. – Maybe chinese cloves? –

    Imagine enjoying a nice meal and then biting into a mouthfull of cloves? It happened once and now if I can smell that spice I won’t eat it.

    Have you seen Mad Love or M, they are listed as late night here (I just assumed it would be the same minus the time difference)?

  10. No, I haven’t seen either, but I double-checked my listing and it’s 6:45 am here. It’s only listed that one time, on the Turner Classic Movies channel. I would be on an east coast feed , so a west coast feed would run three hours later. No explanation for the difference.

  11. Cloves are one of the five spices in “five spice.” And that sentence looks weird. “Cloves are one” doesn’t make much sense, but “clove is one” doesn’t either. Maybe it works better in Cantonese.

  12. Shayne and gummitch, I don’t know what it is, but it’s definetly an aquired taste.

    house, if you like these types of movies, dvr it if you can. I guarantee you won’t be dissapointed. You’ll see the genisis of many horror flicks that were yet to be made. And keep your eye out for “M”. The imagery – and the story of course – are years ahead of their time.

  13. Mad Love sounds suitably creepy, for a Peter Lorre movie. I have seen the movie listed before it, but it’s been years. The Beast With Five Fingers with Robert Alda (1946).

  14. dayanmao
    Any tips on Boston Dim Sum. The same two places keep coming up but I don’t have the names in front of me. This will be a morning after type deal so I sort of need to impress if you know what I mean

  15. dbadass,

    Alas, I’ve been gone too long from Boston. I miss it and don’t really know what’s available anymore.
    I can only tell you what was there. “Our House” was excellent. A private residence with a bar in the main foyer and each room was private with it’s own wait staff. You had your own couch, recliners, dining table and t.v. (if you wanted to watch the game) and stereo.

    I’d be surprised if it’s still there though.

  16. house,

    Creepy, I don’t know, you know how the old horror movies are. Excellent, definetly. I think you’d find that “The Beast with Five Fingers” was derived from Mad Love.

  17. Well you may or may not be happy to hear that there is no longer a “Combat Zone”. Done away with years ago. Sort of took away some local color….

  18. That’s too bad. I liked the combat zone. I actually worked there for a while. And they used to have the greatest chinese barbecue right down the street.

    The last time I was there (about six years ago) I came through the new tunnel from Logan and was like “WTF?” Everything had changed, I mean 100% of everything.

    I could barely find my way out of the city.

    • Went to watch “Surrogates” at the movies today. It was good, I’d recommend it. Could have filled out the story line a bit more in about 15-20 extra minutes, though.

    • Vampires have super human strength, so apparently they just sort of face the tree and make climbing motions, and they shoot up the tree!

      And they play extreme basesball.

      It’s bizarre…

  19. But vampires are supposed to be creepy! And bizarre! Bad acting though, is just bad acting.

    There was one show we liked a while back, where a vampire was a police detective. It was called Forever Knight. Made in Canada, IIRC. Used to come on Sunday night after the late news. We started watching it to get away from Baywatch. My wife liked it more than I did.

    • I’m certain the movie would appeal to lonely high school girls. They could have knocked down the “intensity” of the staring and attraction by half, and it would have gotten the point across. But no, they had to just let those kids chew up the scenery.

      I saw a poster at the theater today, and I guess the sequel is coming out next month. Oy…

  20. You watched that first-run? It was on in 1974! My mom probably didn’t like it, or liked something else on opposite it. I remember the title, but never watched it. I didn’t have my own separate tv until I could buy one for myself.

    • Hell yeah! I’m older than I look. 😉

      My parents used to just turn over the teevee machine to the kids on Friday nights. They must have been really bored up there in their room. 😀

  21. Anyone interested in an excellent “vampire” series could read the 4 books of the Night Watch series, by Sergei Lukyanenko.
    Lots of fun.

  22. My folks used to call it a PTA meeting! My dad was in bed by 8pm, so any PTA activity happened pretty early. If mom was in the room, the tv was on what she wanted to watch. I liked most of what she liked, though. She liked comedy and the old variety shows like Carol Burnett and Dean Martin.

    Night Watch sounds familiar, a quick search produced a 2004 film, with Day Watch as a sequel, and a third Twilight Watch all credited to Sergei Lukyanenko as the novelist.

  23. Vampire are basically accessory characters in this series Zooey, with some interesting twists.
    The author is Russian with that marvelous quirky sense of humor of theirs.

    Night Watch, Day Watch, Twilight Watch, and Final Watch are the novels.
    I wasn’t aware of any films…
    I’ll look.

  24. When I was a kid, the broadcasting day was punctuated by a playing of the Star Spangled Banner followed by a test pattern at midnight. When FM was reestablished in 1951, we could at least retire to American Airlines Music til Dawn.

  25. When I was a kid (a few years later), tv didn’t start until mid afternoon. I remember a show called “Queen For A Day” and of course, Art Linkletter. I was asleep before the Anthem played. My earliest FM radio memories was the elevator music until about eight o’clock when the jazz show would come on. Mid 60s IIRC.

    • I didn’t watch much teevee until the 70s.

      My earliest TV memory is being upset that some old president’s funeral was interrupting my afternoon cartoon. That was JFK. Being newly 4 years old, I didn’t understand the significance of that “old president’s” death.

  26. That could be fun without the puking, Zooey. Especially if everyone had to sit boy-girl-boy-girl! Of course, simply PLAYING a game like that would be a good protest for the Fundy-Fox POV.

  27. I remember how long that funeral took. News pre-empted a lot of tv for days when JFK was killed. I was 7. Now I’m 53.

    • I remember thinking that it must have been a very old president, since the casket was on a wagon drawn by a horse.

      I’ll be 50 in exactly one month. 🙂

  28. My earliest TV memory is watching the chimpanzee getting zipped up into his astronaut suit, and grimacing through the helmet..

    R.I.P. Walter Cronkite

    • That poor chimp. When I found out about that, I was just heartbroken. All I could think about was that he must have been so scared.

  29. Mine was two weeks ago, if this is Sunday.
    You won’t notice much difference Zooey. I was already feeling old by 45.

  30. He looked like he was having a good time, at least pre-launch.

    At least he got to come back.

    Laika, the Russian dog who preceded him, didn’t fare so well… there were no plans for re-entry.

    Controlled re-entry, anyways…

  31. I was 22 when JFK died. I was devastated for two reasons – JFK was removed from the new frontiers that he espoused and LBJ entered the arena with a loose cannon.

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