A window into the soul of “Americans for Prosperity”

It seems the greatest success of Americans for Prosperity is getting the sheeple to do the dirty work of preventing Corporate America — and particularly Koch Industries — from accountability and paying their fair share of taxes.  And the un-American cheering of the loss of the 2016 Olympics by Chicago.

Keep up the good work, AFP!

Keith Olbermann to deliver Special Comment on health care reform

Huffington Post

Keith Olbermann will deliver an hour-long “Special Comment” on health care Wednesday night, MSNBC announced Tuesday.

Wednesday’s “Countdown” will be devoted entirely to “Health Care Reform: The Fight Against Death.” According to a network release, it will focus on “the need for and meaning of health care reform in the United States” and Olbermann will “propose group action by patients, and how patients can reclaim the debate over health care reform.”

Keith has previously given two Special Comments on the health care reform issue:  One about members of Congress being owned by the health care lobby; and the other was aimed at Quitter Palin’s fear-mongering about the so-called “death panels.”

Weiner confronts McCaughey support for plan to delay Medicare for seniors

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Dylan Ratigan exposes Betsy McCaughey for the fear-mongerer and liar that she is. Well done Anthony Weiner, for not allowing this woman to dominate this particular conversation, and calling her out on her lies. McCaughey refuses (or simply cannot) answer Ratigan’s questions, and is reduced to whining about his skills as a moderator. Waahhhh!!

The Watering Hole: October 6 – Jason Lewis

This is our open thread. Please feel free to offer your own comments.

On this date in 2007 Jason Lewis completed the first human-powered circumnavigation of the Earth. In accomplishing this feat, he traveled 46,505 miles (Excluding potty breaks, washing and meals which conservatively could have added another 300 miles to the 13 year odyssey.)

Jason Lewis and Moksha at Trips End - Image by Philip King

Jason Lewis and Moksha (Sanskrit for Peace) - Image by Philip King

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