The Watering Hole: October 22 – Generations

On this day in 1968 WaltTheSon was born. He observed the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon the following July. For reasons unknown, he does not remember the event. His mother and I often wonder why we exposed him and his siblings to the aura of craftsmanship, history, science and nature.

What they learned eludes us, but each of them is successful in what they do.

18 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: October 22 – Generations

  1. I remember the moon landing from school, we watched it at school so it was recorded and played back some 12 hours afterwards. Hey I was 5…

  2. Ah, July of 69. I was in DaNang. We celebrated our ability to conquer space, and wondered why the hell we couldn’t conquer the VC.

  3. I just received my letter regarding the increase in my insurance premium and increase in co-pays etc… which begins in January. My former employer pays about 55% of my total premium each month. The health insurance industry is already feeling threatened. Last year, my premium rose by $50.00/month. Next year, the increase is $10.00/month. Big difference. Just the threat of “Medicare – Part E +5” may be having an impact on cost. My insurer is United Health Care and the CEO makes $5700.00/hour.

  4. Cats – that’s appalling. Makes the Gilded Age look like an enlightened time….. heading towards a pre-1215 society again

  5. Cats, I’m in two minds about it, one is the program is entertainment primarily, two that the BBC has objective critera for their invitations.

    Why not shine a light on these cockroaches? Let’s see how ugly they are.

  6. Cats, the BNP has been around in one form or another for many years, they used to be called the National Front. In those days, it was all skinheads and nazi salutes. This Griffin fella is more like a David Duke persona, trying to be the smiling face of rabid right-wing nationalism.

    That he is elected to the Euro parliament is the result of Euro disillusionment in the UK. He’s there as a ‘shock vote’ – voting BNP for Europe is safer than for the UK parliament.

  7. Hi All, TtT I hate to think what would happen in the British elections if they had Germany’s election system. As it is in England, I doubt the BNP will have a real impact. But Labour is in for a lashing.

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