The Watering Hole: October 24 – Going Ballistic

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On this date in 1957 the US Air Force initiated the Dyna-Soar program.

Dyna Soar - Concept Image

Dyna-Soar - Concept Image

In the simplest description of the program a piloted ballistic missile war head would deliver a 1000 pound payload to a target anywhere in the world and return to a friendly base anywhere else.

The program never became a success because of cost overruns, delays in the development of a suitable booster and the realization that instead of injecting an airframe into near orbit was wasteful when MIRV vehicles were an option. The program was not a total loss – many designs developed from this program directly contributed to the shuttle program.

11 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: October 24 – Going Ballistic

  1. Rocky: A Trigger Won’t Work

    “Historically, ‘trigger’ mechanisms have not been successful, and they are not a substitute for a strong public health insurance option,” Rockefeller said. “A ‘trigger’ simply delays price competition, which in turn will delay affordability for consumers and moves us farther away from the goals of health care reform. Already, we are seeing insurance companies threatening to game the system, by raising their prices in advance of reform. The only way to curb price-gouging by health insurance companies is with real competition on day one—that is the public option.”

    And the only system ready to go on day one is Medicare. Early versions of bills showed most provisions not being implemented until 2013. As Sen. Rockefeller states, the insurance companies are already gouging by raising premiums. They anticipate a trigger, and want to raise the baseline as high as possible. Without a direct competitor, they have nothing to spur them to lower prices now, or later.

    White House Prefers Trigger To ‘Opt Out’?

    Late update: In response to this report, White House spokesman Dan Pfeiffer issued the following statement. “The report is false. The White House continues to work with the Senate on the merging of the two bills. We are making good progress toward enacting comprehensive health reform.”

    We seem to be arguing in a circle, with three factions objecting to a different component of the proposed bill. If ‘Opt Out’ ends up in the final bill. I’m fairly confident I’m in an opt out state (Alabama).

  2. I am so mad I could spit. I’m just reading the coalition agreement of the new German government coalition. 124 pages and I am already seething after page 18. Maybe it’s better for my health to just stop reading, as I don’t live in that sad country anyway right now.

    Grrrrrrrr 😦

  3. krazny,
    Aurora was/is? a ram (scram) jet powered aircraft. Dyna-Soar was a glider. A large rocket (Titan C, Saturn I, Titan 3 or Phoenix (SLS A-388)) would push it past 95% of the Earth’s atmosphere. Once up there, it could travel around the world for 1 1/2 “orbits” by skipping like a stone in a pond. It would have used gas thrusters to control attitude and direction.

  4. I watch KO and Rachel online each night, and sometimes wait until the weekend for the Friday show, like today.

    Before each segment, I am required to endure a short commercial. Not too bad, since it’s not 5 minutes of commercials like on teevee.

    There’s one commercial for Chevy trucks, and it drives me batshit insane. They have some guy on there who must be famous for something, but I don’t know what. This is how he starts the voice over: “I’ve always drove Chevy trucks…” UGH!!!!

    Sure, I understand this is probably how the guy speaks everyday, but this is a commercial. He should speak proper English!

  5. ***zzzzzzz***

    Why am I so tired? I guess lack of sleep. Hey yesterday when we were having dinner a fox looked in through the garden door. A real live one, beautiful, too. I consider feeding him, but then, hubby says I shouldn’t.

  6. When I worked for the two ad agencies I had to type a bunch of copy. I worked for one creative director who never used bad grammar in his copy. But the rest of the shnooks, even though they spoke well, would always throw in these phrases that they thought sounded folksy and I had to argue with them to fix them because they drove me crazy. There’s one commercial now for some accounting firm or something and the woman says “the partners on it” and I want to slap her. Is it the partners are on it. Because who would say “the partner” is on it.

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