Dither, dither, dither, dither, dither…

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Paul Jamiol
Jamiol’s World

5 thoughts on “Dither, dither, dither, dither, dither…

  1. One of the pilots in the “wayward airliner” was named Cheney. He’s getting his license revoked. We need to be able to revoke Dick Cheney’s license to lie.

  2. True, and if he had been unable to lie, like Jim Carrey in Liar,Liar, maybe we could have solved that problem, and a whole lot of others. I keep hoping we’ll get somebody on a witness stand before they can be silenced permanently, and get at the truth.

    I still believe they had to get W in so he could cover his dad’s tracks as well as Reagan’s.

  3. Paul,

    Great ‘toon. You know that Dick Cheney got his fifth deferment when he found out expectant fathers could get one? So he and Lynne decided to spawn Liz Cheney. She is Daddy’s Fifth Deferment. Now he’s “deferring” back to her. (As you indicated in your other ‘toon.)


    I agree. One of the first things Bush did once in office was to seal up a great many of his father’s presidential records, as well as his own records while Governor of Texas. His excuse was, as always, lame. He were worried that someone might go through them and find something to discredit him.

    Now, if there was nothing there which could have been used to discredit him, then why worry? And if there was something there which could be used to discredit him, why act like he never did anything wrong?

    Bush, and others like him, is the type of person who, when confronted with an accusation that he did something illegal, wouldn’t say, “That’s not true,” but rather, “You can’t prove that,” as if that is evidence that he did nothing wrong. If nothing else, it indicates serious moral problems with him. He has absolutely no respect for the law and the Constitution.

    In fact, I will come right flat out and say it: George W. Bush took both of his presidential oaths of office in bad faith. He never had any intention of honoring either of those oaths.

  4. Wayne, Thanks. I agree and well stated… They both took their oaths of office in bad faith.

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