Pete Hoekstra (R-MI): Weapon of Mass Destruction

“Epic grandstander”  No kidding…

Yep, that’s the ranking Republican on the Intelligence Committee.

*face palm*

2 thoughts on “Pete Hoekstra (R-MI): Weapon of Mass Destruction

  1. Seriously, I don’t care how badly the Republicans want this man on the Intelligence Committee, his security clearance needs to be revoked – now! He is plainly and clearly a security risk.

    And why is it that Republicans always denounce Democrats as “weak on national security”, when they are the ones who routinely weaken national security by releasing classified information?

    Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, then-Attorney General John Ashcroft had revealed that we picked up some intel from listening in on Osama bin Laden’s satellite phone calls. Bin Laden did not know that we were listening to his satellite phone calls, and when he heard about Ashcroft saying this, he stopped using his satellite phone. Way to go “Party of National Security”.

    This goes way beyond the usual “It’s okay if you’re Republican.” This, to me, demonstrates the blatant disregard for the rule of law inside today’s Republican Party. It also shows a profound disrespect for national security matters.

    Given all that Hoekstra has revealed, I wonder not only why he still even has a security clearance, but why hasn’t he been charged with giving aid and comfort to the enemy?

  2. Better still feed him junk intelligence…. a couple of Get Smart plots ought to provide some stuff he can blurt out on Faux News for laughs.

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